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Danners: I am so, so sorry that you are going through this. It makes me want to cry. I am going through the exact same thing. Except I've found, thourgh trial and error, that mine gets worse when I eat solid food. I frequently am forced to go on liquid diets just to get enough energy and less dizzy enough to walk across my own house. I have also lost my job (which was a great job), my home (because I am unable to work anymore, much less drive (because I am so dizzy), and I am nor currently battling losing my daughter (because I am so sick, I am unable to properly care for her). This "disease" has stolen my life. It has stolen everything I love. My life was just fine before all of this happened. I was not depressed. I also have people/doctors tell me over and over that it's "all in my head". It must be because I'm depressed. And, yes, I AM depressed now that I can't even get out of my damn bed! I keep telling them, "I'm depressed BECAUSE I'm sick! Not sick because I'm depressed." But, they don't get it. There is no pssible way to imagine how debilitating and horrible this sickness is without being in it yourself . . . and I don't even think I'd wish this on my worst enemy.

I have been to doctor after doctor after doctor and had test after test after test. Everything is "normal" so they tell me to go home. Go home?! GO HOME??!! Is that what you would say if it were someone you cared about that was so ill?!

. . . I'm sorry . . . I'm just so weary and frusterated and so tired of being sick. It's there when I wake up and it's there when I go to bed. It's been 9 months straight. My whole body is just "shot" and I feel like giving up all of the time. But, then, how would I ever get better? . . . I wonder if I will ever get better . . . and,in that case, why am I even still alive?

Do you have any digestive symptoms?

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