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I'm 36, been divorced for 5 years, am a single mother of an 8yo son and a 14yo daughter. I have been living on disability for 4 years now. I have fibromyalgia, osteo-artherits, and am bipolar. I am on vicodin, 100mcg fentenol patches, ultram for pain, inderal for swelling, ritalin for fatigue, zyprexa, and zoloft for bipolar. I get so tired of all the meds. they just gave me the ritalin after trying for 2 years to get the insurance co. to pay for provigal and they never would. Of course being a single parent with all these problems is sooo hard on my kids. I wonder a lot of times if they would be better off somewhere else. But I know no-one will ever love them the way I do. I have so much guilt about being a parent. I know my kids deserve better. My dream is take them out of school and travel with them for a year, volunteering all around the world. but I could never afford that. But I think about it everyday. My family tells me Im crazy for even considering it. I hate it when people tell me I'm crazy because I dont think I am at all. I just have big ideas sometimes. (out of the box, the norm) So what. I also am tired of people telling me to just get up and do it. I am sooo tired all the time. Is there any hope? I am grateful I found this site and have found people who truely understand.


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