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Hi. I know my firts post was very long-and that's probably why it got plenty of views and no replies. lol
But I have a new current problem...for the past 4 days now, the bottom lid of my left eye has been twitching almost non-stop!! Its becoming very annoying! Its visable in the mirror and to others and, i can SEE the twitiching happening in my vision.
It seems most of my problems are mostly on the left-side of my body! Can't help but wonder if that's all related to the loss of gray matter functioning they found via my brain SPECT scan, in the frontal lobe and LEFT side of my brain!!
I did just read that eyelid twitching is listed in the symptoms for ME/CFS and I'm wondering if anyone else has/had this problem? Does it ever go away!!??
I've had these kinds of twitches in my eyes before, but never like this and never more than an instant to maybe an hour or two.
Its just very annoying and I'm curious about others who may know what I mean.
I had a twitch in my left eye for nearly three weeks. Talk about annoying. I've had eye twitches before, but never one that lasted this long. Eye twitches are typically due to fatigue and/or stress. Now, I am not in the same situation with you and your brain scan, so perhaps your eye twitch is due to something else?

What helped me: I went for an acupuncture appointment (for something unrelated) and told my acupuncturist about my eye twitch. Well ever since that appointment, my eye twitch has gone. It could be that the acupuncture helped, or maybe just the relaxation, or pure coincidence - who knows. I'm just glad it's gone!

I would say first try to get more sleep. If you are stressed, try some relaxation techniques (yoga, deep breathing, etc.) There are doctors who would agree that stress is the #1 cause of disease in humans. Something to think about.

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