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Sounds like your sick and tired of being sick and tired, the first thing you need to do and do it now is get tests done, if you haven't already get these tests done. Tell your doctor you want these tests done and don't take no for an answer. And if he can't do them find someone who will.


Thyroid Profile
Vitamin D Hydroxy 25
CMP 20 (Complete Metabolic Panel)
Glucose (Fasting)

Hair Mineral Analysis

Should check your mineral utilization, if low on some take
supplements, if high on some avoid, work with your doctor using these credible results.

Get a copy of these results and save them for yourself!!!!

From what your saying it sounds like you have some kind of substance abuse. Whatever it is get rid of it, go back to raw veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. Sounds like your liver is the problem. Do you get more tired after eating food? Do you have low or high blood pressure, low or high cholesterol?

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