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Re: Just Diagnosed
Nov 13, 2007
:wave:[COLOR="Purple"][B]HI Terri,

Anyone can have a positive ANA, you can look on line and find out a lot of information. IT does not mean you have Lupus. Many people freak cause they feel this is their only problem. What I mean is yes this is one test they run for Lupus BUT there are many other reasons why a person can have a positive ANA. I always had a positive. There are many many reasons why a positive will show...From various Autoimmune Diseases, infections, gastroinstestinal diseases, hormornal diseases or even drugs can cause it to show a positive. So if a test comes out positive then a person needs to figure out the WHY's....I had many doctors telling me that I had lupus...Which infact I had all of the other conditions I mentioned in my other post...

I did not have this wonderful Healthboard and people to talk to when i was going threw my search. So I did like majority of people and went to EONS of doctors, for many many years. I started out like everyone and thought...Hey if i go to a doctor he/she will beable to tell me what is wrong...In reality 99 per cent of them "do not" look out side of the box. They only know how to mask a problem. So I had many many years of doctors telling me there was nothing wrong, live with the pain, learn to live with what I had, go to the shrink, have a scans, ect..ect...And of course each one of them had a different diagnoises....And of course I just got worse as time went on...

I finally found a doctor in Grass Valley that listened to me. (He is now retired) and that was a plus...that he listened to me. he started treating me for Lyme even though I didn't have a positive test.(According to the CDC) But I had all the symptoms. He retired 3 years into treating me and i couldn't find another doctor to look outside of that box...I kept getting the you have fibro/chronic fatigue all over again...SO I started going to a doctor that I had already knew of that treated patients for Fibro/CFS. His office is in Sacramento. He studies and does research at Stanford. He looks at differetn Protocols that other doctors are doing. I mean research doctors. Not the run of the mill doctor. He treats he patients with antibiotics, antivirals, and different supplement protocols. he Looks for Chlamydiae Pnumoniae, and EBV, CMV and other herpes. Also checks the thyroid function.

Once a person is diagnoised I will say it takes a while to get back your quality of life. There is years of hit and missing on what will help. Depending what is wrong of course. But I found that it is great to have someone that looks outside of that box. That looks into bacteria (s) and virus (s) , protozoa's and such as the culprit for the problem.

Such as did you know that the herpe virus's can cause death, heart problems, muscle problems, mental problems... ect if left untreated?
Well every flippin doctor I went to with my high EBV CMV titer test told me that these virus's don't cause problems...:rolleyes:

I now live 3 hours away from this doc. But I can do phone counsults.

To look for Lyme bacteria (s) the test are not accurate as I am finding that majority of test are not accurate. So to go to a doctor that specailizes in bacteria (s) is a way to find help the quickest. The best lab to have Lyme test done is Igenex Labs in Palo Alto. But then my test from there even came out negative. So this is why you need a doctor to go on symptoms along with a test. IF you get a lyme test done I would push to have the Western Blot done. It can pull up bands. These bands can tell a person some of the bacteria (s) they are dealing with. Now i had bands show but at that time I was not as knowledgable about this stuff ...I could of pushed doctors to listen to me more if I had known what i know now...(maybe)

Lyme is all over California. And there is alot of it in the Bay Area. A person does not have to be bit by just ticks anymore to get lyme. It is a cousin to the syhpllis bacteria. And we all know what Syphillis can do to a person. The lyme bacteria (s) can be transmittled by any blood sucking bug..from one host to another, some say even sex, pass it through from Mother to child...ect....One does not get it just from ticks anymore. I have read that over half of the population has Lyme bacteria (s).

The other bacteria that I was speaking of you will find a lot of information by walking the net with your fingers. The Chlamydia Pnumoniae bacteria acts like the Lyme bacteria and is even more easily spread...Such as sneezing, hands, ect....They are finding many people that have M.S. Fibro, demintia, alsmeirs,COPD...and many other conditions have this bacteria and with antibiotic treatment they can get better....

Some researchers to read up on are Dr. Charles Stratton, The Vanderbilt protocol. that is for the C.P. bacteria...I do believe you can find my doctor also on the net...Dr. Michael Powell and his Fibro treatment center.

Dr. Martin Lerner and Dr. Shoemaker are great resorces to learn about Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomeglovirus....

Dr. Striker in San Fran is a good Lyme doctor Terri if you decided to go that route. There is also Dr. Stephen Harris to read up on.

I hope this sheds some new light on what "could" be the problem. The thing I have learned is through all of this. I knew it wasn't my mind or stress making me run fevers, or breaking out in rashes, or making me mental, or causing my legs and arms not to work...It was bacteria (s) , virus's, protozoa's problems breathing, heart pains...and such...I am thankful I found this doctor and other people that can look outside of what is crammed into our heads by other so called medical doctors...

If I can be of more help let me know.....

I am sorry you are having to go through this. But you are the one that knows your body and mind. I found I had to be my own advocate and find answers on my own....

Knowledge is the more you understand about these could be problems better the direction you can look.

have a great day!


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