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The day time study is after the night sleep study - they keep you there for the day. They do a series of mini naps. It tests how quickly you fall asleep and go into REM etc.

I had the holter monitor done this past summer. It was fine.

How do I cope....... It is tough. I have gone through so many test and so many doctors and I did have a slight breakdown when they tried increasing one of my medication - i ended up bringing myself to the hospital begging for help I felt so bad. Well... I finally got the attnetion that I deserved. It takes time and patience. But you need to trust your doctors and your self. If you feel that they are not listening to you or taking care of you then switch - you will find the right doctor for you.

I had an EEG done last summer and it came back abnormal - potential seizures. What do you mean POTENTIAL well the doctor put me on meds "just in case". That just didn't sit well with me. After asking for months for another EEG he still denied me. I left him and found a new doctor. I just got my EEG last Friday so we will see.

Being tired and foggy all of the time is horrible - it causes so many problems. That is why I am now on Zoloft (anxiety) and Topamax (potential seizures) and eventually Provigil.

I used to care about taking a pill, now I just want the right cocktail for me to feel good.

I think once you get the holter results, which will be fine, and get on the provigil you will feel better. Make sure your taking your vitamins and eating right.

I am here if you need support - anytime.

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