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I took St Johns Wort for about 12 months, and it was horrible. It actually made me depressed - I was crying very frequently, something which I don't do very often. I was also irritable and would have 'fits of rage' - when I got angry, I got really angry and felt like I was out of control. I just felt like I was not the person controlling my thoughts and actions.

My doctor gave me a prescription for an antidepressant, but I never got it dispensed. Because I had pre-existing anxiety, everything seems to be blamed on it. I just can't get through to anyone that an antidepressant is not going to solve my extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, swollen throat, allergies, muscle weakness, heat and light sensitivity, irritable bowel.......the list goes on.

I don't believe antidepressants are the answer to anything. They play with the chemicals in your brain. They may PROLONG the action of serotonin, but they do not produce any new serotonin. So if you don't have much serotonin to prolong, the really there's no point. You're better off going on a diet which increases serotonin in your body naturally.

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