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I'm diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. When I drink alcohol I get sick; this has been happening for a few years, since I started having symptoms. The alcohol sits in my stomach and feels like it's not being digested. In fact, I get a full feeling as though my stomach is expanding or like I seriously overate, even if I have not eaten. My glands do swell slightly also, and sometimes I feel like I have a fever even if I don't. I don't get "drunk" or tipsy at all, just very uncomfortable and sick, and the last time I tried to drink a glass of wine I ended up vomitting it back up, so it never even got into my system. It's like my body cannot digest it anymore. Needless to say I do not drink at all. No doctor has ever commented on this being a symptom of anything, but I've read that a lot of people with cfs and fibro experience this.
Alcohol intolerance/exaggerated hangovers is one of the symptoms of Lyme Disease.

I'm currently waiting for my Lyme and co-infection results to come back, but I certainly identify with the problems with alcohol. It doesn't seem to matter what I drink or how much (and I don't drink very often anyway). No matter what, I get drunk extremely quickly (like on 1/2 a drink) and end up feeling like crud for the next 3 days.

I've also been dx'd with CFS but I don't really buy into it, only because it was a clinical dx, not one based on testing.

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