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Random fatigue
Jan 23, 2008
This may or may not be a problem, so here goes...
Sometimes I randomly get really tired, for no real reason, except:

I noticed that it generally happens if I haven't been very active
If I have refined sugar, like in a coke.

So, at first I thought that it might be something like diabetes, but I am young, and only 5-10 lbs overweight (the doctor says that it's very well within healthy limits.
I mean, I run about 2 to 3 miles (6 to 10 minute/mile pace) at LEAST 2 to 3 times a week, sometimes more.
I'm not in bad shape, obviously.

So then I thought that it MIGHT be a healthy reaction to the idle sugar, maybe my body is releasing insulin to help deal with the unburned energy.
The classic "sugar crash"
I had one today, and I was about to fall asleep at 3pm at work.
Once I got home I went for a run and it mostly went away.
I maintained my 6 minute pace for a good 2 and half miles, so I know that I'm not dying.
It was a weird tired, I didn't feel mentally or physically exhausted. I could still think clearly, but my eyes just wanted to close, like the end of a hard day, when you could keep going for a few hours if you wanted to, but your brain is also just ready to turn off if you let it.

Another possibility is lack of high calorie foods.
My ex-supervisor used to run 15 miles every day after school, and he told me that every night he ate a ridiculous amount of food, all fatty and meaty and high calorie.
I tested that one day when I had run the previous 4 in a row and I was almost always tired.
I went to bojangles and had 3 fried chicken thighs and large of their thick cut fries.
The next day I felt ALIVE, so I figured that maybe I am just depriving my body of the starches and fats that it needs.
I generally stick to lean foods and keep carbs low.
Some days I just dont eat enough altogether
That's PROBABLY it right there, but sometimes it's really hard to eat right, ya know?

The last possibility is maybe a sleep disorder.
I used to be so ADHD that my mind would keep me awake until 1 or 2am every night, and I had to get up at 6:15 for school.
Well, I figured out some techniques that I have perfected over the years to effectively turn my brain OFF on command.
Well, recently I guess I mastered the technique because I turned my brain all the way off and stopped dreaming outright.
I fixed that by changing the way that I focused, and now I can dream all night long, and usually feel really rested.

It's probably my diet, but somehow I dont think that it could account for my fatigue, but maybe I'm undervaluing a proper diet.

As an aside, if anyone wants to know more about those sleep techniques I talked about, just let me know, I know firsthand that good sleep is the #1 key to sanity...


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