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Wake up in the morning feeling lethargic and hungry with a steady mucus stream. There are times where there’s so much mucus that I struggle to swallow and I’m literally choking. My throat being clogged up with so much mucus also affects my ability to speak clearly. Breakfast doesn’t quell hunger but helps to lessen it from a 10/10 to 6/10 and it also helps subside the mucus.

After eating breakfast I gradually and rapidly begin to feel hungry and tired/lethargic again both mentally and physically. Both of these symptoms go together I can’t remember a time that I was hungry that I wasn’t also tired. The critical time for me to eat again is between 9am and 11am. The longer I delay eating “brunch” the worse my symptoms get, to the point that I don’t just feel exhausted but also nauseous giddy accompanied by one massive migraine/headache.

In my own self-diagnosis I’m a 100% certain there’s a correlation between the phlegm/mucus and hunger/fatigue that I experience. When I start to feel tired and hungry the mucus production increases without fail. And when I’m not feeling as hungry/tired (right after eating a meal) there’s less mucus running down my throat. I suspect that mucus is affecting my digestive system in one way or another. It’s like it’s impeding my stomach from absorbing the nutrients in the food and basically eating air.

Is there a medical explanation for my symptoms/condition? And what can I do about it? Have seen several specialists neurosurgeons/etn/etc and all have dismissed me.

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