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Re: New Blood Tests
Feb 19, 2008
Hi JoJo, Thanks for your reply. I am on a tx plan. Ihave been for over a year. I see a CFIDS specialist 1 x month. I have been on 1 1/2 tabs Valtrex 2 x day as well. I did feel better in the beginning. But over the last 4 to 5 months I am back to almost square one.
He ran the cmv and ebv back then and they were positive but I don't remember the titers. But the ANA has always been negative. They at first thought and tested me for RA but that was negative as well. I have no swelling at all. Even when I hurt so bad I look at my wrists or feet ect....nothing!

Thanks, I am going to see a Rhuemy next week just to be sure. I have no problem with the sun. I love the sun. So I am NOT wanting the Lupus dx!!!

Even to finally have an answer. But your right it's probably just all of the other virus's showing up.

If you know any more about it let me know.
Thank you so much,

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