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I have Secondary-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; which started flaring up when my blood disorder-hemochromatosis was not under control. And the depression started getting really bad when I went through Stage 3b Melanoma, the loss of my brother, and my step father this year.

I still have bad days, but I use several medications to get myself to a point where I can function at least part of the day. I try to walk at least once around my block a day as well.

For hemochromatosis, I have apheresis monthly.
I recently finished the melanoma treatment of GP100 w/Saline and Quimoid and hope the effects disappear soon.
For depression, I take 60mg Celexa and 200mg Welbutrin.
For anxiety, I take .5mg Xanax.
For general fatigue, I take 200mg Provigil.
For lack of motivation, I take 10mg Ritalin.

I still have days where I accomplish nothing, but they feel more normal now. They feel like I'm just having a lazy day and putting things off until tomorrow. But the bad days do not feel overwhelming or that they will never end. Just having the days feel more bearable has helped tremendously with the feelings of guilt and anxiety that used to come from not being able to function. On my bad days now, there are times I don't get out of bed; but at least now I am choosing to not get out of bed.

I also think that the diets that I have to follow, one for the hemochromatosis (limit iron intake and no red meat) and one for cancer (no red meat, reduce processed sugars and preservatives and eat fish, fruits and veggies) have helped a lot as well.

As difficult as it can be, social interaction helps a lot too. At the very minimum, I try to post on some message boards once a day and go to church once a week. I also use a lot of the typical "tricks": Open blinds/windows, cold shower, fast music, and citrus smells when I need energy and motivation; dim lights, warm bath, slow music, breathing exercises, and lavender smells when I need to relax.

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