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Apr 13, 2008
First, I'd like to say hi. After years of trying to get doctors to not look funnily at me when describing my problem, I decided to ask the vast tub of knowledge that is the internet. I hope some of you can help me out because it gets more and more annoying.

It all started about 6 to 8 years ago as far as I remember. I never had this problem while in school. Only when I started an apprenticeship did the problems begin. I'm just tired all the time. Not "I really want to go to sleep now"-tired but every day feels as if I'd been up a whole day already, you know? When I get up I'm tired, which would be normal as a body has to get to working temperature first, but with me it stays like that the whole day. At this precise moment, I'm up and about for an hour or more and still my eyes feel a bit heavy and strained just from being open.

The day will go on like that. I will function, but at a very reduced level. That's kind of problematic with work. I just can't find the motivation to do the recurring daily business stuff, only when I have something new to tinker with I can actually get into gear (so only the excitement pushes me).

When I get home in the evening, I'm too tired to do most anything. While other people have hobbies or go out, I'm sitting in front of the tv just too tired to even do household chores.

Quite frankly, I'm feeling like a zombie. I sleep well as far as I can judge, but no matter how much or how little I sleep, this background fatigue remains.

I have read about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I'm not sure this applies. Some symptoms I have would be an irritable bowel (after meals in the evening the fun usually starts and eating in the morning triggers it more often than not) and my memory is shot to hell.

Interestingly enough, when ever I ride the bike for an hour or so, the irritable bowel problems tend to be less the next day and I seem to have more energy. But that lasts for one or two days at the most.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that my body seems to have no quickly accessible energy stores. I went out with my bike one day and it started raining heavily after five minutes so I had to return home. Let me tell you, that day was over. I was panting heavily for like half an hour and never recovered that day. It is the same with walking stairs. I work on the fourth floor and I made it a rule for me to not use the elevator. I've been doing that for months and I have the fealing instead of getting easier, it gets harder for me to walk all those stairs by the week.

Seriously, I'm starting to worry about how I'm supposed to go on like that. I'm merely 26 years old and I often feel like I've been having a midlife crisis for six years or so with no end in sight. Not being able to do much more than go to work has me questioning my whole damn life and if it gets any worse, holding a regular job might even come into question and quite frankly, that scares me.

So has anyone here any advice that might help?

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