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i am 57 female. i am on thyroxine for under active thyroid. i have 3 monthly vit B12 injections for animina. i have episodes of extreme tirdness. since xmas i have had flu,took me ages to recover,then iritis,then tooth abbcess. everyday i have to lie down for a couple of hours am i am beginning to accept this as just being normal but i know it can't be. this all started in 2002. i started to gain weight went from a size 14 to size 20 no one belives me when i say i just can't seem to shift it. the gp where i used to live in north wales said i probably had ME but there was no test to prove it. i have recently moved to gloucester and to be honest my gp does not seem to be that concerned. however, he has arramned for me to have some blood tests done for the immune system but he said it probably would not show up anything so i don't really feel he's on my case, i can't really change gp as there is't really too many here. i try and eat well and take vitimins i walk nearly everyday for at least 30 mins with the dogs,its just all the time i am thinking about my bed and i just want to lie there. i get these weird kind of shivers,then feel flused like the flu. what is wrong with me i am just not the person i used to be. where do i go from here.

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