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i've had cfs/fibro for 28 years. i've tried so many different medicine therapies i can barely, if at all, remember each one. the things that helped me the most on a consistent basis over the past twenty-some odd years are:
benzodiazepams (klonopin, lorarzepam, valium) each one works a little differently; one releases more quickly, one lasts on and so forth. yes they can be addictive. there's a big difference between being addicted and being dependant. they help with sleep.
sleep meds: ambien, sonata, lunesta and rozerem are the ones i most hear about. ambien can do weird things. people have driven, cooked and ate meals, cleaned their house, etc. while under the influence of ambien and not remembered. i didn't let that scare me away, i just took steps to make sure it wouldn't happen. lunesta leaves a nasty metal taste in your mouth, with some people it goes away, with me it didn't
sonata is a quick acting one. it hits you fast so if you take it make sure you go straight to bed. it is used to get one to sleep. it wears off quickly, in four hours which is nice because there is little hangover effect. however if you have problems with waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, it may not be the best one for you because of its quick in and out pattern.
rozerem is a different type of sleep med. it's not a hypnotic. it works similar to melatonin. some people i know have used melatonin but talk to a doctor first. it changes brain signals or something like that, i'm not really up on it. the only time i've taken it is for jet lag after a long flight changing a lot of time zones. i'm currently taking rozerem, the verdict is still out on that one as to whether it's gonna work or not.i've taken all the sleep meds mentioned, each one has its positives and its negatives. the problem with most is that they have diminishing effects. the longer you take them, the less they work which is unfortunate.
if we could get good sleep without meds, it would be a God send. literally, at least for me.
so benzodiazepams and sleep meds.
the other big one is anti-depressants. trycyclic anti-depressants seem to work well for many people. they have the added benefit of helping with sleep. the negatives are a very very dry mouth and being somewhat stoned.
remeron is another i hear of a lot. i couldn't take it. i was majorly stoned. you could've driven a knife through my hand and i wouldn't have known it.
be careful with the SSI inhibitor anti-depressants as they can, and in many cases do, completely mess with a person's lobido. mine was nilch. nada. nothing. and i'm a guy so i stopped them immediately. (not saying it wouldn't be bad for you ladies) i feel weird mentioning it but i'm amazed how many doctors prescribe this type to guys and don't mention that the drug has a very good chance of rendering them impotent. good thing is that it reverses when the medicine is stopped so i guess it can't hurt to try, maybe it wouldn't do that.
those are the big three....benzos, sleep meds and anti-depresants.
there are others. some have success some don't with a variety of things. after reading some threads in here you'll hear a lot of them mentioned but the three that i mentioned are the three that i've seen have the most success over the longest period of time.
whatever you whatever you can to get the best, most consistent sleep pattern you can. it's an enigma. we're tired and need sleep but have trouble sleeping. so that's what i've heard and seen over the past 28 years. i hope it helps.

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