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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Shalyn, sorry to hear that you are feeling like crappola....

I've been there as many of us have. There are a few things you should be tested for. Such as Lyme disease. The testing for Lyme is not accurate. And most doctors don't run the western Blot. The best lab you should be tested through is Igenex Lab. The Western Blot will pull up bands of the strains of Lyme. Don't let any doctor tell you that it is not in your area. Cause it is the second fast growing disease under Aids and some claim it is number one. You talk about the weakness and headaches. Have you posted over on the lyme board and ask for the symptoms. See if you match that.

Also have you had your titers of Epstein Barr and Cytomeglovirus checked? If you haven't learned about these search them on the net. If someone tells you that there is nothing that can be done it is not true either. Antiviral such as Valtrex will help tremendously. It doesn't get rid of the virus but helps in keeping it under control. If you have high titers of these they you can have them in your muscles, can cause heart problems, mental problems and in some cases M.S. And many other disorders....These are in the herpe family and should NOT be taken lightly.

You also might really want to be checked for Mycoplasma Pnumoaniae and Chlamydia Pnumoniae. These also can cause the problems that you are having. these bacterias can be passed just through sneezing so are easily spread. There is a big percentage of the population that have these bacteria. But like everything it just depends on our own bodies and immune system. You should search these also and learn the symptoms and what conditions they cause.

I have learned from my own problems and from reading that bacterias and virus's are almost the same in the way they react in the body. They get in bone, brain, organs, muscles, ect need to be your own advocate and do lots of reading and find a doctor, which is hard, but can be done to help you through treatment.

There is a lot of research going on at Vanderbilt Clinic about the C.P bacteria and M.P. There is alot of research also going on about how herpe virus's react in our boides.

The family and friends can be very hard on us that are feeling so crappy. I've heard exactly what you have. As many of us have. If people can't see the problem then they think were lazy, or wanting attention. If you can stop talking to them about how you feel. Once you get yourself diagnoised then you will beable to tell them what you have. In my case they will never undertand and after 20 years and doing better it just doesn't do any good to bring it up. Worry about you first.

I hope this helps some. I just want to add that our bodies just DON"T do these kinds of things unless you have some thing like bacterial infection or viral infection going on. There are other things such as protozoas and microbacterium that can cause this also. Let your fingers do teh walking over the net and read up on these things.

With PROPER treatment you will get better....


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