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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Glamkat, a G.P. can test you for these things. It is just getting them to do it, and then getting the proper treatment.

I too had all the symptoms you have except never diahrrea, mine was the opposite. I too after years and years was diagnoised with Fibro and Chronic Fatigue. I knew in my heart that NO WAY would my body be doing these things, running fevers and pain, migraines ect ect for just no reason. I got tired of doctors telling me I had to live with it. OR it was all in my head. That I was bi polar, depressed, had dementia, alsheirmers, ect ect. I also had gotten to the point where I couldn't walk or use my arms. NOW tell me was it still all in my head. Was I faking all of this just to get attention...:rolleyes:
I lost a couple of jobs over it and lost a marriage and friends, family and had gotten pregnant and lost the baby. And still went from doctor to doctor begging and looking for help.

In 1999 I finally found ONE doctor who was a Chronic Disease Doctor and he LISTENED to me. That is all it took. He said I looked like something the cat drug in. I was on death's door. And still other doctors were saying, Fibro, Chronic Fatigue or just wouldn't have anything to do with me. This doc started me on antibiotics and treated me for 3 years. I had a picc line put in a year before he retired and had a in home health nurse plus a councelor that would come see me once a week. We had to put it in my file that my insanity problems was caused from my illlness, so no one could admit me into a mental hospital. He retired and I had to find someone else to treat me. Back to searching and doctors saying there was nothing wrong with me and how wrong it was for my last doctor to treat me with antibiotics. ugh!

Then I found Dr. Powell. He tested me even further, so besides the Lyme that we couldn't get a positive on cause the bacterias by then were imbedded in my muscle, brain, organs, bone...but I did have "bands" pull up. Besides this problem I also learned I had bartonella, babesia, EBV, CMV, and Chlamydia Pnumoniae. YES I too at one time would have bouts of bronchitis and pnumonaie. And of course the doctors put you on a 10 day course of antibiotics and say your cured. No this isn't true from what I found out.

Some bacterias have different stages to their lives. They are living little buggers. It takes different combinations of antibiotics, supplements, proper food, exercise and lots and lots of soul searching to get these things under control. From what I understand you don't get rid of every single one, but you can get them back into remission, dormancy. This holds true for other little creatures such as protozoas and microbacteriums. Then there are parasites and virus's and fungis's that need to be put into check also.

There has been reserach into things that cause Fibro/M.S, and many other conditions. There is research at Vanderbilt by Dr. Charles Stratton. He has been treating the Chlamydia Pnumonaie bacteria. There are other doctors that are looking outside of the box and their text books and following his protocols. Their are people getting cured from M.S. and Fibro, CFS by getting these buggers in their bodies eleminated.

You possibly want to do your own reading and learning and read what these different virus's and bacteria's and protozoa's do. You can do it from where you are sitting.

I hope this helps a little. If ANY doctor tells you that this can not be true I would find another until you get tested for all of these things. I see Dr. Michael Powell in Sacramento. He is a rhumetologist, internal medicine, D.O. Excellent doctor. I have been under his care now for 5 years and I am on top of the world now. I have talked to other's that see him that are back to work and living normal lives. You can find him by searching also. He has the Fibromyalgia/CFS treatment and learning Center. There is treatment and cures for what majority of us have. It is just getting a doctor to look outside of his own ego and text book. It truly blows me away on how many people get in their head cause their doctors tell them there is no cure that they feel they have to live this way. WE are like any warm blood or even cold blooded creature, bacteria's, virus's, microbacteriums, parasites ect need a home too....ugh!

I wish you luck at your appt today. Let us know how it goes.


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