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My gyno retested me for Epstein Barr. I had it a year and half ago. She didn't know much about the results. Please determine the results for me. I have no idea.

[I]EBV Ab VCA, IgM[/I] [B]5[/B] Range: 0-99

[I]EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG[/I] [B]36[/B] Range: 0-99

[I]EBV Ab VCA, IgG[/I] [B]443 H[/B] Range: 0-99

[I]EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG[/I] [B]1724 H[/B] Range: 0-99

Negative: <100
Equivocal: 100-120
Positive: >120
Hi Sophia!

I compared my test results to yours....

All your results should be less than 100.

The first EBV Early Antigen, mine is over 100 so they told me I was infected recently. Yours is below 99, so you were not affected recently.

The 443 number (above 100) indicates your fighting Epstein Barr.

I am not familiar with the last result, Nuclear Antigen becuase it is not on my results. Again, your number is very high at 1742.

H stands for High, and those two numbers are too high.

If you haven't already, go to a doctor that can understand the results, and help you get better.

Feel Good!


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