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Hmm, well things can suck when you're tired and yes it's extremely annoying to listen to others as they bounce around first thing in the morning full of energy, when you have none at all.

My usual day consists of... Struggling to wake up at 6am to get ready for work. I am completely muzzy-headed when I wash and shower and dress. My arm aches when I blowdry my hair. I still feel woolly-headed as I eat breakfast and try to have at least two cups of tea to wake me up in time for my drive to work. I drive, with slightly blurry vision (not dangerously so!) and still feeling like someone's woken me up in the middle of the night. I spend the whole day at work using all the energy I have to focus and concentrate on what I need to do. It is utterly exhausting. I get home around 5.15pm and my body wants to crash into bed, but I make myself have dinner and watch tv before finally going to bed at a reasonable time, i.e. 9.30pm.

Most of the day I also have to put up with things appearing like they're moving around. At the moment my laptop and the table it's on look like they're moving. It's a little freaky. I feel completely washed out.

It's all very well feeling that other people have a better deal, but thinking about that won't help you. I find talking to health professionals about my illness makes me feel stressed because the utter helplessness of the situation comes back and the unfairness of it all. So I try to avoid doctors as often as possible. I'm not saying pushing it all to the back of your mind is easy - it's absolutely not. I went through an awful period of not being able to concentrate for more than a half-hour or so, but I've tried hard to tackle this and it is possible to increase your concentration span bit by bit. Just last month I sat 3 3-hour papers in anatomy, physics and clinical practice and passed them all! That despite having dizziness and shaking during the exams.

I think sometimes it just helps to accept the fatigue as being there and start to focus on other things. I've found working in oncology has helped put my own fatigue into perspective.

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