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Hey mike, it's funny you brought up the anxiety issue. I have had a life long anxiety issue. I had anxiety since I was a child and it peaked when I hit my thirtys and had my first "panic attack" and ended up in the ER thinking I was dying. I fought it and thought it was gone. The very first symptoms I had when I caught Mono was anxiety. I had terrible anxiety out of the blue for no reason. I went to the doctor and he thought I was depressed and anxious and gave me celexa, which made me feel much worse. I was already so fatigued and sick I couldn't function. So many people I have talked to with EBV say they have a strange kind of anxious feeling that comes with it. I have terrible shakes and tremors and wonder if it affects the nervous system and those of us who are more prone to anxiety are more affected by it. The anxiety has gone away for the most part now. I am 20 months into this and I am getting better. If I over do things. I pay for it. I am always tired and dizzy and woozy like you described. I can go out now and go to the store, but I have to rest allot when I get back and I am still not able to work. I definetly think the anxiety I had in the beginning helped make me even more sick than I would have been. I think it drains you. I am still confused about the whole CFS thing. I guess unless my doctor tells me that is what it is, then I will continue to think I only have a virus that will eventually go away. I will check out that programme you talked about. Thanks

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