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I'm going to try and keep this brief and simple.

I have a history of Lyme disease (yes, definitely, had a bullseye rash and symptoms). Treated with antibiotics, but I was never the same afterwards.
Post-exercise fatigue for weeks. I think Lyme triggered fibro / chronic fatigue in me.

I am better now, especially since last year, I was reading about going wheat and gluten-free. Someone told me, well, at least I'll be making healthier food choices.

Going wheat and gluten-free (as best as I could) has made a world of difference to me, and I can feel it in my digestion as well, which has always been a problem for me.

Now, recently, I've been riding my bike a lot, which expends a lot of energy, especially if you're going 30 miles! So I thought, let me make some of these wheat-free pancakes and eat them, carbo-load, so to speak. Well I had so much fatigue after eating. I did this several times, and I could not figure out why I was getting this feeling, like I used to. What is going on here? A light went on over my head. Is that what the problem is? High carbs!

Sure enough, I found information on the internet supporting this. Give it a shot - look for information on carbohydrates and fatigue. Here's a blurb of what I found:

"The main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is an all consuming feeling of exhaustion. If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, you may be worsening the condition by continuing to eat high carb foods. Reducing your carb intake along with following your doctor's advice can help treat this disorder."

So, consider changing your diet. What have you got to lose?

Good Luck everyone. I don't come here often anymore . . .

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