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Hello everyone,
I am hoping that anyone here has some similar experiences as I have.
I am a 36 year old mother and wife, and the last few months my energy levels have gotten so low that now my husband has to do all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry etc....
I am just so tired as if I have run 100 miles every single day, I do not work, I stay home with my children. I am not really that depressed, although I think if I am depressed it's only because I am so tired and cannot take care of my family the way that I would like to.

I had some blood work done and it showed high iron, so I am being tested for some other things having to do with "too much iron".
My iron was not extremely high though, so probably not the main cause of my fatigue.

Secondly, my Vitamin D level was pretty low, it is supposed to be around 40 and it's only 24. So about a week ago I started taking high doses of Vitamin D3, but my change in my energy level so far.........Argh!

Lastly, I was told that my thyroid is fine, My TSH was 3.28, the normal range is something like .4 to 4.5. So I am in the normal range, even though the American Academy of Endocronology and other Endocrine Doctor's websites say that ANY NUMBER BELOW .3 AND OVER 3.00 IS TOO HIGH.

Another thing, and this is a seperate sort of issue, but I take a very small amount of Methadone every night before bed. It's probably the lowest dose you can take, I take 5 mg of Methadone, this is for treating my severe case of Restless legs syndrome. I am wondering if this could be causing my chronic fatigue? Although I was very tired before starting the methadone, I don't recall being this tired though? I have heard that such a low dose of methadone cannot cause fatigue like this, but I am beginning to wonder?

So between the low thyroid, the low vitamin D, the high iron, and the low dose of Methadone, does anyone know which one of these would be the most likely culprit of my severe fatigue?

I have a ton of other symptoms as well, but the fatigue is the one that is literally ruining my life, all jokes aside here.

Here are the other symptoms I have, again the FATIGUE is the only symptom that I really need help with though.
Thanks so much!


1. Frequent chronic yeast and bacterial vaginal infections
2. Excessive sweating, especially on face
3. Very sensitive to heat and cold
4. Pain on left side of chest, sharp or aching
5. Rapid heart rate and pulse in neck at night time when lying down
6. Heavy menstrual cycles, with a lot of pain
7. Severe memory problems
8. Severe inability to concentrate
9. Inability to focus for long or pay attention
10. Not able to regulate body temperature, too hot or too cold
11. ear stuffiness, congestion in the ears, vertigo sometimes
12. minor sinus pressure and sinus issues
13. blurred vision, better one some days then other days
14. Excess mucus in eyes, wake up with eye mucus a lot
15. Bronchitis in the past a lot
16. Asthma (related to allergies) receiving weekly allergy shots now
17. Recurrent chronic bladder and UTI infections
18. enlarged lymph node under left arm pit
19. Frequent low grade fever
20. Minor headache/pressure in head constantly
21. Lethargy low energy
22. Profound fatigue
23. Loss of interest in just about everything
24. Depression
25. Hopelessness
26. Excessive worry, chronic obsessive worrying
27. Reynaud’s syndrome on toes
28. Weakness usually all over
29. Itching skin
30. Feeling of bugs crawling on skin or seeing skin move like spasms
31. Irritability and moodiness
32. Hair loss, brittle horse type hair
33. Frequent peeing, especially at night time
34. Sharp piercing stabbing possibly in the muscles (but short lives pains in elbows, wrists, feet, ankles and sometimes all over more so when tired
35. Hungry all the time, not gaining much weight, losing weight
36. Recurrent ovarian cysts and tumors
37. Endometriosis
38. Restless Legs Syndrome
39. Gum Disease, tender bleeding gums (this has been treated and is fine now)
40. Anxiety/Panic syndrome
41. Sleep problems
42. Grinding Teeth at night and Clenching of teeth during the day
43. Teeth marks on tongue from anxiety and biting on tongue

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