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23 yo amazing shape as I workout often and have been a competitive athlete all my life. yet my fatigue has plagued me as far back as I can remember, well high school anyway). my blood tests always come up great too.

Even during sports, I used to remember playing hockey and feeling like I needed to dose off. there would be an intermission between the 2nd and 3rd period, and I remember being COMPLETELY zoned out, and wanting to nap, etc. Everyday I'd be late for school b/c I found it extremely hard to wake up in the morning. During classes in highschool I wouldnt even be there mentally. Yet I still managed to get good marks, as I worked hard in the little hours I found energy in the day. Well unfortunately now it's just the same in University. I have MAYBE 2 or 3 hours in a day when I don't feel like sh-t, ie. sleepy. I get great sleep most of the time, but do not have a constant schedule like most ppl. but I used to and that didn't stop the fatigue.

I find it such a chore just to use my mind and think, and it's completely ruining my life. I eat as healthy as a 23 yr old would, and NEVER skip a meal..ever. Just last night I went to bed at midnight, slept like a baby (dreams and everything) till 9:30. woke up but was still tired, so went back to bed at 10. slept until 12:30pm. went and had some food. tried to get at my books, but was feeling too tired so I lied down for a while.

this is an everyday thing. i just NEVER have energy and it affects EVERYTHING. my doctor never takes it serious and I always feel like no one understands. tey think i'm lazy, yet I'm in amazing shape and work my *ss off in the gym/treadmill. the only difference is reading is SOOO much harder to do than physical labor for me when i'm sleepy. cuz thers no doubt even at the gym i'm zoned out, but i don't really have to think much.

in anyone could help i'd love it. aside from this big problem, i AM pretty depressed right now, and suffer from social anxiety, yet the depression wasn't around in high school, but the anxiety was. so no idea if the 2 are related, but if i'm gonna be sometihng in my life I need a remedy. :( . Also could be important to note that my memory is brutal, and cognitively I feel messed up. Find it hard to articulate myself, and have always considered myself slow (not dumb ie used to excel in math and school in general, just very slow). Also not an auditory learner as it's too much info to grasp all at once. Making sense of auditory directions is rough.
Wow! After reading Jonathon's and Daisychain's posts...I felt compelled to post my story here. I'm a 43yo active female. This past summer, I got bit by the "triathlon" bug, and soon I'll be training for my first Half Ironman next July. I'm in the gym daily...doing cardio, weights, stretching, spinning, running, you name it! I have never been formally diagnosed with CFS, but have always thought that I might have it. Like both of you, I battle with this never-ending tiredness and fatigue every single day. I eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, and sleep like a baby, yet...everyday, without fail...I need to lay down and take a 2 hour nap at noontime. I work an evening shift, and find myself getting sleepy around 8pm. I never, ever feel well-rested after a night's sleep. Most days, it's a struggle to wake up, but I reluctantly drag myself out of bed, get dressed and get to the gym by 6am on most mornings. I used to be a very social person, especially at the gym. But lately, I find myself NOT wanting to talk to people. I'd rather just zone out and get my workout done. Striking up a conversation seems like a chore, and most people that talk to me always want to know how I'm feeling...and I'm reluctant to tell them how I REALLY feel. I mean seriously, it starts to get old when you're asked "How ya feeling today?"...and your reply is the same thing every freakin' day - "I'm tired"...or "Not so good". I'm beginning to get the feeling that most people think I'm a hypochondriac, because I haven't felt "good" in a really long time. Of course, their answer is always "Go home and rest". Ummm...ya think?!?! If they only knew it was a daily routine for me to "go home and rest". And I also feel as if it's hard to put my thoughts together for a conversation...I guess that's the brain fog kicking in. Most people interpret that as me being "cranky" or "moody"...which I'm not really, it's just mentally straining to have a conversation when I'm feeling this way.

I don't really have anything to contribute, in the way of advice or ideas on how to deal with this. I just wanted to share my's good to know I'm not alone. I was beginning to think I was a "freak" or something. :dizzy:

Thanks for reading....


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