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HI everyone. It has been a long 4 years since I gave birth to my son I suffered from dizziness weakness and no energy. I am hypothyroid but it is somewhat under control. I continue to be ill.
I wake up in the morning and never feel energetic. It takes me 2 hours to really get going most of the time. SOme days are better then others. It comes in waves. I have different symptoms all the time and I have had blood tests Ct scans mri in the past 3 years so nobody has found anything and doctors wont listen to me. They also say I have anxiety and I know some days I will get panic attacks but I dont believe this is all that and I am constantly thinking about what illness I may have and worrying myself.
Biggest thing lately I am feeling is weak. Its an internal weakness if that makes sense like somebody has sucked the life out of me or I am low on something. Showering is hard, even getting up to get my kids something I feel so wierd and weak. It can last days or it can come and go. For example today I was feeling weak but still went grocery shopping and didnt feel to bad came home made supper felt okay now it is back and I am feeling weak again. I would tell my husband I think I am going to die thats how horrible it gets. I wont exercise and I HAVE NOT exercised or really exerted myself in 3 years because I am scared to. SOme days my head feels all fuzzy like I am on drugs or something (I DONT do drugs) its like somebody stuffed cotton balls in my brain. Even when I am feeling pretty good I still dont feel like I used to and I am so sick of this. I had mono when I was 13 it was bad for 2 weeks but I was better in a few. I dont know what to do anymore. I dont have muscle pains that are abnormal or severe. I just feel weak and everything is an effort. Does this sound like CFS?? Maybe anxiety all day? stress?? I just dont know anymore and I just want to be normal and a good mother to my kids. I am only 30 years old and I feel 90. I dont know how I am supposed to live like this and be a parent when I can barely function on some days. According to some docs it is all in my head and I need sleep and less stress? Only thing that stresses me out is my health.
Thanks for reading!

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