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I've been dealing with this for nearly 3 years now. I was actually diagnosed with Addison's disease at one point. It was later ruled out by a different doctor. I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have many of the same symptoms you list and describe and some additional ones. I get the very heavy brain fog where I have a very hard time remembering names or pretty much anything short term. I lose my train of thought in the middle of sentences and walk in to rooms and forget what I went in there for. I am constantly exhausted and dizzy most of the time. I can easily sleep well for 10 hours and wake up feeling tired. I have aches over most of my body. The back of my neck, shoulders, pain in mostly my left arm and sometimes my right, my upper/mid back currently feels like its on fire. My legs are normally ok though. My chest hurts where my ribs connect from time to time (I've had this checked out. The 'ol ticker is ok.) I have pains about the middle sides of my back which I've been told is where your kidneys are. I feel shocks up my back too but not localized to my spine. Its up both sides. Starts and the bottom and goes all the way up. Usually comes in waves, maybe 3 or 4 at a time really fast. I don't know when this started, but I'm constantly trying to stretch and crack my back and neck. I didn't even realize I did it so much until someone asked me about it. I don't get headaches, but I do get what the opthamologist called "opthalmic migraines" where I don't have any pain, but I have visual symptoms of migraines. This happens when I'm feeling especially lousy. Varying muscles all over my body take turn twitching. I have a temporary high pitched ringing that occurs in my left ear for only a few seconds at a time. All of this goes on almost every day to some varying degree.

Anyway, I'm getting lost in the sea of symptoms. It seems to me that most of us have mentioned mono. I've had that too, and directly after that I had viral meningitis. I did not have any of these symptoms prior to that horrible experience. I suppose its possible that I have Lyme disease. I'll be sure to get that checked out.

Something very strange happened to me the other day I would like to share. I've noticed that my fatigue symptoms get much worse right before I get a cold/flu. Last week I was feeling especially lousy and knew a good one was coming on. When I actually got sick ALL of these symptoms went away. I was COMPLETELY normal for 4 days (aside from having a bad cold.) Sure enough when I woke up today, the cold was mostly gone and I feel just as lousy as ever. I thought I shook whatever was wrong finally. Kind of a fake out, but that was the best I've felt in a very long time. Last time it happened wasn't as bad of a cold and I felt good for one day. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

One more big thing I'd like to add. I simply do not have anyone (family, friend, or otherwise) to take care of me financially or spend the time to make sure I get to where I need to be safely. On top of that, a close friend/colleague recently suffered a heart attack, so I've been covering his shifts at work per his request. Every day is incredibly difficult mentally and physically. I have to put several times the amount of effort into my day that people without my problems do. Every day seems impossible, but I'm doing what I need to in order to survive, to put it bluntly. If I don't work I starve, so I adapted. I leave for work sometimes an hour earlier than I need to in case I get too dizzy to drive. This way I can pull over and rest if I need to and not be late to work and not be a danger on the road. I've informed my employers of my condition and they are very understanding. Often times they suggest that I take breaks and just sit down and relax when its obvious I'm struggling (very important when someone else notices I'm having difficulty that I stop.) I make sure I have time to get ready for my day and chill out for at least a half hour before I need to go. This very early break in the day seems to help a lot. I always make sure I'm eating well. I spend a generous portion of time preparing meals for the week so I know I will eat properly if I'm on a bad streak. I'm not sure if this is particularly good advice or not, but even when I feel like I can't do something physical, I do it anyway to stay in shape. Sometimes I really can't, and that's ok too, but I at least try. I've wasted enough of my time dealing with this. Doing something and not enjoying it as much as you should is far better than doing nothing at all in my experience. Also, using mental willpower to overcome physical obstacles is an amazing experience. Everyday I take care of business makes me feel better mentally about this situation and helps keep my head in the right place. Do whatever you need to do. I just wanted to share what works for me.

Thanks for listening, writing, sharing everyone.

Best of luck.

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