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Yes I have similar symptoms as you do with many more...

I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 3 years...

I have been having a flare up that come and go:

My symptoms are as follows:

It starts out with pain in my neck when I move, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, very senstive skin especially when coming out the shower. Alot of times I have to dance around the bathroom to get my skin under control, bruising easily out of nowhere. I had a huge bruise a couple of years that scared me because I did not hit anything, I also have lumps that appear which seem like mosquito bites that itch and leave a mark when they leave, other skin problems are hives and welts normally when I am anxious they typically vanish after a few minutes, chest pain, fatigue (feeling like my arms are really heavy and legs cant move, joint pain, severe gas.

Does anyone have these issues??

I have been tested for everything under the sun - ANA test for Lupus Neg, Thyroid Neg, Herpes Neg, HIV Neg, CMV neg. They only thing she stated was that I had mono at one point in my life but cant say when.

Please Help...I feel like I am going crazy and no one understands.
Hi there!
I too am sorry you are so sick.
I actually have been around and on this board for 3 1/2 yrs maybe less come to think of it it took quite a while to be dx.
But your story sounded so similar I had to post.
I have been sick as I said for 3 1/2 yrs. I too was fine one moment and then started getting symptoms. Although I did have mono as a teen, and suffered a bad case of food poisoning about one month before onset, I was fine. I have two young boys who were 5 and 7 on date of onset and I was working out 5 times a week. Stay at home mom. Planning ot work when youngest started first grade.
I first had a stiff back I assumed was my discogenic disease finally rearing it's ugly head, then I had really bad swollen lymph nodes on my neck. Finally after a few months I got scared b/c I started to have really bad night sweats and thought it might be cancer. This started in August and by February I had a lymph node removed for biopsy. Which to this day remains in the back of my head b/c the results came back worrime for b cell marginal zone lymphoma. So we sent the biopsy to a better institiute and it came back reactive, meaning no cancer but the b cells were hyperplasia meaning they had really multiplied.
With cncer out of the picture the work began finding out what was wrong. By then all symptoms were in full swing.
Low grade fevers, all over body pain, shaking, muscles twitching all over my body, disorientation, memory gone, word recall affected, can't sleep, tired, so fatigued I have to sit on a disabled stool to dry my hair. Usually too tired and weak for makeup. This list goes on and on.
With all of the testing and belive me I had an mri for ms, nuero conductive tests, bone marrrow biopsy b/c immune system is very very low, everything tested. Lupus, which BTW it took 2 yrs for the ana titers to become positive but still a pricey lupus panel was negative. I have been hospitalized for falling down dizziness, this btw is my most troublesome symptom b/c you literally cannot do anything when your dizzy, and chest pain.
I have been dx with Chronic Fatigue sundromew by at least 5 docs and specialist, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Mitral valve syndrome and I guess thats it.
I see a specialist but sometimes wonder why. I have been on a special cocktail that worked at first, somewhat but now even on the whole cocktail which rather hard to keep all the meds instock at once and expensive!!! I still have been having the WROST flares. In fact I am just as sick now as I was when it started. There have been days that I think wow! I am fine today. But neverthe less it always rears it's ugly head.

Sorry my story is long. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I too have the aversion to loud noises and my vision is blury around the edges, sometimes.

I only can say this, when you have a good day appreciate it!!!!! Lways smile even when your sick this sometimes helps negate the negative vibe of the sickness. DO NOT I repaet DO NOT worry about what anyone else thinks. Except immediate fmaily. I had to print tons of info for my husband to believe this silly sickness. And family. But for spouses it is a very hard thing to go through too. They have losy what was just as we have lost what was. Just as we mourn the loss of our old selves so do they. Children seem to be the best. They accept us and love us anyway!!!!! I too have lost many friends. And consider it a blessing. WHo needs firneds that don't get it. When I make a new friend I warn them completely and still canceled dates and changes of plans can temporarily rock even the most understanding people. I always want people to not think I am a flake but guess what I am just sick.
It takes awhile to complete the whole process, like when someone dies. You have to get through it tounderstand this is how life is. I mean maybe some people have come out of it. But in my case it is going strong still.
After having the cancer scare, preparing to go through chemo and possibly not be there to raise my little boys I do not ever, ok maybe sometimes, but rarely feel sorry for myself. Because ven though we usually feel like there are not catching something and we must really be dying we are not. THANK GOD!!!!

I am here any time you need to talk. Thank god you have people around you to believe. That is half the battle.

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