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I have been having issues for the past 3 - 4 years and have been to the doctor for various symptom

I have flare ups with extreme symptoms without notice:

Symptoms during flare up others *** happen during a flare up and all the time:

Muscle Tiredness
Swollen Lymph Nodes neck, armpits, and groin
Night Sweats
Itchy Skin and Tingling skin after getting out of shower***
Hives/Bumps and Welts when anxious or hot that last for a few minutes***
Easily Bruise***
Lumps/ Bumps similar to mosquito bites that itch and leave mark***
Fever or feeling really hot
Cold Feet/Hands
Hair loss ***
Excessive Gas Problems
Brain Fog
Charlie Horse when laying in bed
Joint Pain
Bowel Problems
Bumps that appear on face

I have been tested for Lupus, CMV, every STD and HIV, Thyroid and everything came back negative. The only thing that was said is that I had mono at one point in my life and my vitamin d was low.

Please Help I feel like I am losing my mind... I don't feel like I am getting any help and this is not in my mind.:(

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