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[QUOTE=reallyjohn;3952121]I have tried writing about what to do with CFS before,but i cant seem to get thru to people.Maybe because they are in a survival mode and cant do things like changing what they eat.If i keep it simple,without most of of the explanation,it might be easier to do.
The only way to cure CFS is to expel the EBV in the faeces.You have to have 2 bowel movements a day,and you have to maintain 2 bowel movements a day.You do this by amending your diet.
I want you to make two changes to your diet,at this stage.
Just before going to sleep at night,I want you to have a bowl of unprocessed wheat bran(it has to be unprocessed) in fruit juice.Whenever you wake up during the night and get back to sleep within 5 minutes,you have another bowl of unprocessed wheat bran- it will send you to sleep.The bran absorbs the circulating viral material and it will be excreted in the faeces.
The second thing to do is to totally ban all dairy food.I wont bore you with a long explanation-just do it.
After 3 weeks,you will be well on the road to recovery.I will give you further information and more amendments to your diet then.[/QUOTE]

Ill try this. Hopefully it works. Everybody thinks I'm lazy, but I'm really just tired all the time. I hate it.
JewelryJulie: I totally relate to how you feel. Being wiped out tired is actually a good day for me. On my bad days, it feels like the worse virus you've ever had. I know people qualify for disability with CFS but there are certain criteria. You should try and get a consultation with a disability lawyer because there are things you need to document. It's something I wish I had done years ago.

reallyjohn: Yes, I had diarrhea for years before and years after my CFS and I didn't eat any dairy. I hate milk, cheese and yogurt. But, hey, anything is worth a try.

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