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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Julie, EBV stands for Epstein Barr Virus.

There are many causes of Chronic Fatigue. But when people talk about it they usually are talking about Epstein Barr Virus or Cytomeglovirus. They both are in the herpe family and are the main causes of Mono.

I had bowel problems for eons of years. I changed my eatting habits over and over. Still couldn't go. I learned that when some of us have viral or bacterial problems it imbeds through out the body which also includes the intestines.

So eatting all the bran in the world might not help.

I agree that it helps to eliminate bacterias and viruses to flush the body. But if you can't go, then it doesn't do much good to eat tons of bran. I have been there. And even doing enemas, and eatting all the veges and fruit didn't help.

What helped me was getting to the bottom of the problem. And getting on the right protocols and taking the right supplements.

A person has to be persistant to find out what is wrong.
There is hope out there. And there are things a person can do to get rid of the bacterial/viral over load in their system.

Now I can eat a nice big bowl of bran in the morning and drink lots of fluids throuhout the day and wa la it works.

Many colonoscopies, in the hospital 4 years ago for bleeding.

When you are told you have fibro, there are bacterial and viral problems most likely causing the problems.

Kind of like a pandora's box unraveling it all.


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