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I believe my fatigue was the causative factor for the FMS. I had severe fatigue probably 5years before I developed Fibromyalgia. I also have sleep disordered breathing which believe it or not is not a causitive factor to this fatigue. It's too extreme & the cpap did not help it at all. The sleep doctor said it couldn't be the reason for it.

The muscular pain I have is usually just some mild cramps in my legs, & I have this place in my back with pain running into my shoulders that feels like a muscle sprain. I twitch there. Alot of times, very hard to sleep because of. I also have esophageal pain/stomach flare ups (acid reflux - chronic inflammation) Irritable bowel flare ups + my kidneys/bladder hurt alot, last few times I took Bactrim, it helped. I can get a muscle spasm anywhere and have tingling that hits me anywhere. Even my head gets tight. I have this never ending tooth pain, today I found out it's bruxism. It causes upper neck pain and headaches you can't stand. So I have my share of pain. But it's not causing the fatigue. On days I don't hurt that bad, I'm still extremely exhausted.

I want a chronic fatigue specialist, but I haven't been able to find one in my area. There's different types of testing that can be done, and I have not had all possible causes for the fatigue eliminated. All I have had done is a thyroid function test + to check for anemia.

Then there's the ANA test which is what I tested positive on the begin with on many occassions showing the same thing: 1:320 homogeneous pattern. So I'm told my body is attacking itself & I will never feel okay again. CFIDS / Auto-immune dysfunction. The ANA wasn't specific though to any particular illness. I have had a couple of ANA tests come back negative. And I have never tested high on ESR or C-Reactive protein so I figure the likelyness of that is unlikely.

And the Epstein bar test, I tested positive on that, but I was never told the virus was chronically active.

I did a hair analysis through Smokey Mountain Laboratories that showed I had a high amount of aluminum in my body. It also showed my calcium & magnesium out of wack but in my blood tests my calcium is always normal except once when I was passing a kidney stone, it became elevated. The doctors dismissed this like it was nothing, so then so did I.

Maybe I should try going back to a rhematologist. I don't know.

I've never had my adrenal glands checked. And I know there has to be other things that can be looked into beyond what I have had done.

I think there is a possibility something could be up with my liver. My gastrenterologist is going to CT it with contrast this summer to see what the tumor is. I pee'd green urine for a week back in January. That's just not right.
I also have cholesterol problems & always liked to drink. So getting that checked out can't hurt.

I don't care what it is that's wrong. I don't care if they tell me it's cancer. Just as long as they tell me what it is that is wrong. I can't do anything until they tell me what's going on to make me this sick. I can feel a little better with certain things I've tried but I always end up back in the same shape I was in.

If I have bruxism because of stress, this is why. Everytime I turn around, I am balling and crying over the way I feel. My body feels like a 150 year old person and is so ready to die but I however would rather not, so that's not an option I want to look at. But I can't deal with it and I'm not going to pretend anymore that I can. I'm sick of this.

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