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Re: Lupus or CFS
Jun 28, 2009
Does any of the below ring a bell? Classic Lupus symptoms

Swollen, or painful joints
Do you get a rash when you go in the sun?
Do you get mouth ulcers?
Do your fingers/toes go blue, white or red in the cold?
Have you ever had a low red blood cell count (anaemia), low white cell count, or low platelet count?
Do you get extreme fatigue, even when you've had a good night's sleep?
Have you ever had pleurisy (pain in the chest on breathing in)?
Do you get a red rash on your face, across your cheeks and nose, in the shape of a butterfly?


well i first had symptoms when i was 12 i was really sick, thats when i had the positive ana and EBV
-I had arthritis in my knees and they got swollen for a little bit but havent had it ever since.
-I have never had photosensativity.
-i dont get mouth ulcers
-my toes/fingers dont turn colors in the cold.
-about 4 years ago i had a low white blood cell count, i was on prednisone at the time though so thats probably why.
-i do get extreme fatigue but more so i get just plain wore out and exhausted easily. but i usually get about 10 hours sleep a night. plus i take about an 1-2 hour nap.
-about 2 years about i had what they assumed was pleurisy. it only happened once and went away in a few hours.
-I do not get the butterfly rash .

Correct me if i am wrong, but the way i understand it is with lupus when your in remmision you should feel good/normal. and when your having a flare up you have the normal flare up symptoms. but if your not having a flare up you should feel good right?
cause with me... ok well ill give you an example...
Monday: woke up feeling rested got about 10 hours sleep. I have a hard time eating in the mornings ( i dont know why) so i eat a little cause my sugar levels are low. ill relax a bit and then get ready for the day. takes about 45 minutes and i have to sit while doing it. ill do about 15 minutes of general picking up the house and then ill have to rest for a bit so usually i come on the computer. i eat lunch then usually i have to run 1 erran a day or so. so ill go to the grocerie store ( for example) my boyfriend does or grocerie shopping on base so i only go to the store for a few items takes about a half hour or so. by this time im usually starting to have a head ache and my leg muscles-back and shoulders and starting to hurt and im tired so i go home and take a nap. after that ill try and do about 15 minutes more of house work. then ill do something relaxing like paint or read. by this time i dont have much energy to cook dinner. luckily i have a wonderful boyfriend that understands and likes to cook so he will cook dinner and the rest of the night im lounging. now durring this day i feel pretty good.
tuesday: i would wake up feeling good because i didnt over do it the day before.

now if i over done it i would wake up with bathroom problems. i would feel like i caught the flu almost. i would wake up feeling as if i only got 2 hours rest even when i slept all night. i would have a headache, my stomach would be upset, i would feel really weak and just plain exhausted. oh and sometimes ill get a sore throat that goes away randomly.

if i didnt do enough for the day ( just layed on the couch) i would gradually get worse and the level of acticitys that i could do would decrease and i would feel weaker.

this is my life summed up in a nutshell. does this sound more like Lupus or CFS?

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