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OK. If you had the ACTH stim and it was normal but you felt BETTER that day, it means your adrenals still work when stimulated, but you might have a fair degree of adrenal fatigue. Sure sounds like it with that list of symptoms as they are all sypmtoms of adrenal fatigue. I was so underweight for a few years before being diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, and now i have gained 13kg (28lb) since starting cortisone back in october last year. I dont mind because i just look much more normal now instead of being extremely drawn and underweight. I havent even changed my diet the weight just came on once starting the drugs.

If you felt good for the day of the ACTH stim, it's because it stimulated your glands to make more cortisol (the main reason for the test) hence feeling good. You should definitely try licorice root extract - best in a tincture form, or you can get powder or capsules. I'd start with 300mg a day, and you can raise it gradually if no side effects etc. Also get some PABA and Pantethine. With those three if it is adrenal fatigue, you should absolutely feel better within days, and it should help the hypoglycemia etc. Also licorice root heals ulcers better than almost anything, so that's another good reason to take it.

I also have alot of those symptoms, but many have improved on the cortisone. Others haven't changed much. I still dont have energy etc, but the most severe symptoms of awful shakiness, cold intolerance, fried nerves, hypoglycemia etc have been helped alot by it.

A great book to get is "Adrenal Fatigue, 21st Century Stress Syndrome" by Dr Wilson. Excellent advice in there to try, praised by many.

31, Male
5'9, 65kg (143lb)
Secondary AI, CFS/MCS/FM
42mg HC, 50mg Testogel
Melbourne, Australia.

[QUOTE=Angalicious316;4038582]Well I had the ACTH stimulation test done and it made me feel really good that whole day. But it came back normal. I had blood work done and I cant quit remember what the hormone was called I think it was something along the lines on hypercorticole or something that sounds like that the lab ranged were like 5-90 and mine were 8 so I dont know if that is relivent or not. I was just recently (3 days ago) was undiagnosed with Lupus and Rediagnosed with CFS and we are going to do the immune functioning test to see if I have CFIDS. anyways here are my symptoms:

Worn out WAY easily
if i do to mch the day before i wake up with diahrea
loss of appetite
weight loss
my thyroid is borderline hyperactive
low appetite (fluxuates)
i have an ulser
i have anxiety attacks
i get knots in my muscles after a short amount of activity
my knees hurt but they dont swell
i have sinus problems.... im constantly having post nasal drip
im extreamly sensitive to medicine. the reg dosage is usually to high for me
im sensitive to the heat and cold but mainly heat
my palms and feet get sweaty/clamy alot
i get mild insomnia sometimes.
my menstraul cycle is late now about a week everytime (used to never happen)
extremely painful periods!
i feel like i just cant handle stress very well i usually get sick if im stressed
i sometimes get a low grade fever for no reason
my BP is on the lower side
I think that about sums it up lol[/QUOTE]

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