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Re: Venting
Jul 24, 2009
ShannyK, you are at the right place to vent:)
Grandular Feaver is from Epstein Barr Virus. Which is a herpe virus. Which they also call Mono.

doesn't anyone have you on an antiviral?
I see you are in the UK, but can you be put on Valtrex?

I also have high titers for Epstein Barr. And I know that they have caused many physical and mental problems. My doctor put me on 1,000 mg of Valtrex a day. About 2 years ago.
Many doctors told me to live with it. And yes I have other bacterial problems along with it. But just taking pain meds isn't going to help.

It truly affects the brain.

Re: Venting
Aug 3, 2009
[QUOTE=byoung6;4050022]I just thought I would pop in here with my experience with psychologist, it was very helpful for me, your right talking won't take away your disease, but it can help you cope. It helped me. I found by luck a psychologist who had alot of experience with chronic pain and chronic conditions. The therapy helped me alot, I would still be going if insurance had not stopped. I cope better and have come to terms with the changes and limitations of my body much better. I wish you luck, you vent away, I know it hurts so bad to not be able to do after you could do things without even thinking about it. You hang in there.[/QUOTE]

Thankyou byoung6 for your reply,
Its really helped me.
I filled in the form and friend sent it off for me, was honest in the questionare.
I guess apart of me is afraid of purging emotional & mental garbage from the past 8 years. Ive never thought of me as someone that gets stressed, but now i realize that everyone does, its just how you deal with stress, and i just didnt acknowledg its existence. Probably why im so physically ill, or at least a part of it. My neuro nurse called me she checks on me bi-weekly, and had said that thats part of it, but also because of my immune system is so compromised that it doesnt help, as to why been off work for over 4 months and still seem to be getting worse, she is going to see about changing the antiviral meds, as jojo had said in earlier comment.
but what you said about helping to cope and learning how to deal with the limitations is what i need and the therapist that im going to see deals with neurological diseases and the emotion/mental/physical effects. so should be positive :)
thank you again

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