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Hello hello :) I know itís a long post but please read on.

I have been ill now for roughly 3 years, I have been on a constant mission around various Drís to the point were I thought I was possibly insane and its all in my head. I have been told its possibly anxiety, depression and been given antidepressants and anxiety meds.

I have been to a neurologist (MRI Normal), ENT (Sinus OP, feel no better), had endoscopies done (Oesophagus inflammation) and a handful of visits to my family Dr (No help)

I have been hunting down now a good private Dr to find out exactly what is going on, on my hunting someone has told me that it sounds very like Chronic fatigue, I almost dismissed this but after reading symptoms on the web I am very surprised as to how bad it can make you feel.

Here are my symptoms, what do you think?

Feeling terrible ill everyday (Quite hard to explain)
Fatigue (Obvious)
Yawning (Sometimes in frequent bursts)
Headache & Head pressure
Foggy or fuzzy dreamy headed (Daily)
Neck pressure and pain
Back pain
Pale (Somedays)
Terrible Acid reflux (Oesophagus inflammation, Recent endoscopy)
Various stomach pain and toilet trouble
Heavy & Forceful Heartbeat (BP Normal though)
Mild Tinnitus
Ongoing Sinus Problems (Inflammation)
Worsened Allergy symptoms (Recent allergy test showed bad dust & animal dander)
Sneezing, Cough, I had Asthma as child and it feels like its coming back
Anxiety (On and off)
Chest & Muscle pain
Depression (Twice in the 3 years sudden disabling depression, medication reaction? )
Sensitivity to some medication (Omeprazole for acid reflux causes anxiety and palpitation, possible depression, and dosulepin for anxiety makes me dreamy headed and fatigued worse)
Alcohol intolerance (Cant enjoy a few beers anymore, kills me the next day)
Sleep (Naps make me feel worse and are un refreshing, I can sleep for 12 hours and still feel like carp)
Complete lack of motivation
Bad concentration
Short Term memory problems (Long term is excellent though)
Jaw pain and clicking
More and more mood swings even though I am a very chilled out person

Sometimes I feel better after eating around lunch time, sometimes I feel a little better after necking a Red Bull, although that doesnít seem to work anymore. Strangely I have noticed that I feel better at night time, infact I have even found energy to exercise at 11pm just because I feel half decent even though I have suffered all day.

I am booked for an excellent private Dr next week, should I present him with my list? I would like to rule out heart problems first (I am 28 Male). Should I ask him about Chronic fatigue or just see what he comes up with?

Many thanks for your time, I know itís a long read :D
[COLOR="Blue"]Sparkyireland - You're not alone and it's not all in your head! While I believe God has given Dr's wisdom, there's just no way that he/she could know it all. CFS is not only difficult to diagnosis, as the symptoms so often replicate many other possibilities. I have been "dealing", yet it feels more like surving for over two years with the following symptoms:

Feeling terrible ill everyday (Quite hard to explain)
Fatigue (Obvious), like you haven't slept in days
Headache & Head pressure
Foggy or fuzzy dreamy headed (Daily)
Neck pressure and tighness (but was in a car accident a few years ago)
Back ache's off and on
Acid refllux - more in the last 6 mos.
Various stomach pain irritated by foods/soda (that I never was before)
Anxiety (On and off) and over the oddest things, even tho you know logically it's no big deal
Chest & Muscle pain - some, very mild
Depression (Twice in the 3 years sudden disabling depression, medication reaction? ) due to my serontonin being very low, which in turn caused anxiety (something I had never dealt w/ until recent years) on Celexa anti-depressant
Alcohol intolerance (Cant enjoy one drink - tho don't drink much)
Sleep (Naps make me feel worse and are un refreshing, I can sleep for 12 hours and still feel unrested, groggy, and struggle to "wake up"
Complete lack of motivation - basic things are difficult to handle
Bad concentration - almost becomes like a pressure to focus
Short Term memory problems

Here's what I have learned: (1)CFS takes over 6 mos before it can even be idiagnosed (while ruling out other possibilities). And that acid reflux is often caused by CFS. Many don't know what causes CFS, but have read that it could be something that occurred to "trigger" it. Here's my story - Dec 2006 was hit by a truck going 50 mph and had severe whiplash. Off work for over 4 mos (work in office). during those 4 mos. and 6 to follow under ALOT of stress. In retrospect, notice the CFS was starting in fall of 2007, but wasn't until early 2008 that I went off on medical disability for over 4 mos. During that time ruled out all the other possiblities (fibromyglia (sp?), sleep apnea, rhemtoid arthritis, etc.) Because I had to go back to work full time, dr prescribed a stimulant that is often used for patients with narpilpsy (sp?) called Provigil, and that did make a positive impact. I went from feeling like I could barely function (scale 0 - 100%) 25% to 65%. Could work through my day fine, but after I got off work exhausted and felt like everything shut down and weekends were just to recharge. However, there's warnings about using it long term and being additive (which I don't want). Just as of 4 weeks ago, I went off my stimulant and for the last 3 wks have been taking a natural supplement (liquid form) call CELL FOOD. Its oxygen derived from plants that is highly concentrated and helps w/ the immune system (fibromyalia patients really find it helpful). I figured since both CFS and fibro.. have the immune system attacked why not try it. I now feel lke I'm at 90%. I take it am/lunch/pm w/ lemonade (as it has a tart lime taste when mixed w/ water). I'm also reading a book that shares how our thyroid really can impact our body, i.e. depression, serontonin (natural chemicals in body that makes us feel good) but how dr's don't really play close attn to the thyroid, but it really has power over our body. So in my case it appears that two things are happening and of course working against me. Hope my story helps and if nothing else let's you know you're not alone, because it is difficult to explain why you feel like you're functioning on fumes all the time. Peace.[/COLOR]

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