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Re: Help!
Jul 27, 2009
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Morning Fridayboy, Welcome to the boards. I am sorry for your suffering. I know just how frustrating it can all be.

When I ask what have you been tested for. I should of been more specific.
What bacterial, viral, critters have you been tested for?

Peoples bodies don't just all of a sudden start being full of pain, and be chronically ill unless there is something there underlying. Something doctors can't visually see.

There are many reasons for Fibro pain, and for Chronic Fatigue....

Have you been tested for Mycoplasma Pnumoniae, Chlamydia Pnumoniae, Lyme Disease, and the list goes on for bacterial infections.

Have you been tested for Epstein Barr and Cytomeglovirus and any other herpe overload in your body?

The doctor I see says that when our bodies are this sick they go into a hybernation mode. Sorry I can't explain it all that well. So here comes the weight...And our hormones are thrown way out of whack.

Have you had your thyroid tested for t-3 and t-4? This can also cause weight gain.

Also bacterial and viral infections can cause all the pain and tiredness. They both can get into bone, brain, tissue, ect...

If you have any questions you can p.m. me by clicking on my name. I also have my e-mail activated on here.

I was also diagnoised with Fibro, Chronic Fatigue....I had so many different unseen problems that none of those doctors tested me for.
I am now walking, talking, and living life much better now.

Hope you find your answers....


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