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Three years ago, after suffering my third major concussion, I started falling asleep routinely during the day and sleep for 14 or 16 hours per day. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me 30mg's of Ritalin instant release per day and I noticed an immediate change in my state of wakefulness.

Three years later, my body has become so tolerant to Ritalin that my doctor has me on 100mg's per day, 40mg at 6am, 40mg at 12pm, and 20mg at 6pm and it doesn't work anymore. My body has now fully resisted the Ritalin dosage and I have taken it upon myself to increase my dosages and convince my doctor to add 60mg's of Ritalin SR a day along with my normal 100mg's.

I have proven medical testing, from sleep analysis', that Narcolepsy is my primary diagnosis caused by scar tissue pressing on my Hyperthlymus region of my brain causing dopamine levels to be off.

I am starting to notice some big side effects of this huge dosage of Ritalin, such as, pain in my deep thighs, lymphnodes swelling, headaches, jaw clinching and cracked teeth.

What do I need to change ASAP, so my heart just suddenly doesn't go into cardiac arrest or I have a stroke?

Thank You,

You might want to try provigil since the ritalin is not working anymore. Provigil is prescribed for narcolepsy and I've heard it is safer than ritalin. Personally I am on ritalin and provigil at the moment but in low doses. Good luck
I've tried Provigil and had no improvement in my Narcolepsy. I know that 100mg's, or sometimes more, of Ritalin isn't good for the heart, but what else is there that I could try? I've been on Dexedrin, didn't work nearly as well as the Ritalin and Adderall was the same. Ritalin has been the only drug that helps with the tiredness and sleep issues.
I have found Ritalin to be the best of the amphetamine family to help with my narcolepsy. I am currently on 60 mg ritalin with 20 mg of dexedrine daily. This barely scratches the surface, but at a total of 80 mg of amphetamines daily, my neurologist is hesitant, or in all probability, just would refuse to up the dosage. The PDR guidebook, (Physician's Desk Reference,) which gives docs info re medications, indicates that no more than 60 mg daily in totality should be subscribe to narcoleptics whether it's ritalin, dexedrine or adderall. When I read posts on here like Roy's and others, with people indicating they are getting 100+ doses of amphetamiens, I'm quite curious to know how u all are managing this. I've had narc since 05, and this is the first of the 4 treating docs that I've had since then willing to go over the measley 60mg guideline in the PDR.
I understand the concerns to your health regarding higher doses doing more damage to u physically; however, as living w demon narc is so brain and body draining, I am willing to shorten my life span any day in order to have a semblance of being able to participate in life.

BTW, I also have a pain condition from an auto accident whereby I have an implanted morphine pump and take heavy doses of narcotics for. Depending on my pain level, I may have to take the narcotics during the day, which, with the #1 side effect of the pain meds being drowsiness, I do battle w my narc meds and my sedating meds. Even if I wait to take the sedating meds... I also take psychiatric meds, all sedating, which I take at nite.

What happens is as my narc meds start to wear off about 6pm give or take, then it is time for pain and psych meds and I am crashing off the amphetamines at the time I am putting sedatives in my body. This leads to every nite being a blackout. Does anyone else experience blackouts at nite?

I am asking if there are others who must take sedating meds that wreak havoc on the narc meds like I do? I also would like to know how those of u who get 100+ mg of amphetamines, how do u manage this? Do u get treated for narc by PCP or neurologist? How can I talk my doc into going over the 80mg limit, as the PDR guidelines does not take into account that some narcoleptics (me) are on super hi doses of sedating meds daily?
As for Provigil, it was like a placebo for me; did not work at all.
Thx, sorry for the long post.

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