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40 years of fatigue
Sep 24, 2009
Ok, I'm 48 and yes I've been fatigued all my life at least most of the time. I'm looking for any kind of information I can get my hands on and any and all is appreciated.
Even in high school I couldn't work out on a regular basis. I was strong and athletic but became sick and weak if I worked out on a daily basis. I was the Captain of the wrestling team and voted "most outstanding" so I had ability and strength but they had to pull me off of the team my Junior year because I was too sick to continue. The Doctor said I had the Measles but I already had that so it didn't make sense to me but now I feel that I was just run down and that causes the viruses, bacteria, yeast etc. to take over the body. It does feel like I have Mono. If I quit working out and get plenty of rest I do recover but I love to exercise. When I start exercising I feel great and I build muscle fast but then I "hit the wall" as I put it and I become sick, can't sleep, my mind races, I'm sweaty and irritable! If I continue working out it just gets worse. I have to completely stop and rest and depending on how bad I made myself it can take several days or several months to get my health back. And I don't sleep well until I get my health back! It's like I have the flu but in my joints and when you have a virus it's difficult to sleep. My entire body tightens and I feel it all over my body but especially in the spine.
Anti-depressants have helped in the past but every time I try one they cause complete insomnia and I have to stop taking the medication.

I feel I have an infection of some sort because I have constant swollen lymph nodes under my jaw bone and swelling under the jaw bone and down the neck. I can actually feel it spread when I'm stressed or working out. I've had chronic sinus infections my entire life and all of my molars have large fillings with one cap. My gums are constantly irritated even though I keep my teeth perfectly clean with nothing for the dental hygienist to clean when I go to the dentist. This was not always the case, I let my teeth go over the years and seldom saw a dentist. But now I'm taking very good care.

6 months ago I quit sugar and my bloating has gone away. I've lost weight but mainly I'm simply not bloated/my stomach is small again. I thought this would make a bigger difference in my over all health but so far it has not.

I'm sure much of this comes down to depression which has weakened my immune system but it's like what came first the chicken or the egg? The depression or the infections? I know there is a physical side to this because there is an ongoing infection in my jaw and neck. I've been massaging the neck and jaw and the swelling has gone down to less the half of what it was. I didn't really have a jaw line before and now it is coming back. I've made progress but I'm still almost as tired and sick as I've ever been!

A main problem has been the lack of sleep and it's killing me! Poor sleep makes me sicker and being sicker makes me sleep worse! Maybe all I can do is keep trying to get healthier with diet and meditation while also going to the chiropractor and massage therapist to work on the jaw and neck to hopefully eventually get rid of the infection in there, but if anyone has any ideas, as I said, it is greatly appreciated!

When I talk about this to any Doctor they look at me like I'm crazy.

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