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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi BillyBob and Dave. I agree with seekandfind.
If a doctor tells you that you have Chronic Fatigue and or Fibromyalgia. These are just "terms" in my opinion and my own experience.

What is causing it for one person, may not be the answer for the next person.
I like seekandfind have Lyme. But I also had super high titers for Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomeglovirus. I never had a doctor treat me for them. They said, "Everyone has that" well what a crock of pooh. Now that is a real intelligent thing to say.

The specialist/doctor that I see now treats with long term antivirals for the EBV and CMV. He also has his patients take tons of supplements to help get the immune system up.

From doing my own reading one never gets rid of any of these critters. But you can get them back into remission.

AND he also checks their thyroid really well. I am on t-3 and t-4.

Other things I have been dealing with is Babesia, bartonella, staph, AND something that my doc just started doing...

Testing for heavy metals. My test came back that I have Lead poisoning.
And the symptoms are just about the same as these other things I have.

It has taken me years and years of looking for a doctor to help direct me in the right direction and took a lot of me doing my own research. IN other words don't just go by what a doctor says.

Viruses such as EBV and CMV cause mono. (Chronic Fatigue). and if you do further reading on these two viruses they get into your bone, muscle, brain ect. They don't just stay in one little spot in the body.

I am doing so much better. Have been on antivirals for about 2 years now. Along with other supplements. There is no majic pill to get well quick that is for sure.

Don't stop looking for your answers. Always get copies of your test results. Bring them home and do research on the computer and see what the real meaning of them could be.
Going to a every day run of the mill doctor or even and infectious disease doctor. From my own experience they just want to treat the symptoms not the problem. And I have been to some supposedly outstanding clinics.

The human body is a warm spot for many bacterias, viruses, protozoas, parasities ect. Such as Mycoplasma Pnumoniae, Chlamydia Pnumoniae, Lyme, (there are 3 to 400 different strains of this bacteria) ......

I wish you both a lot of luck. The things you are going through this is not every day normal thing for the body to do.


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