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Hello all,

I've wondered if I had CFS for a long time. About 10 years ago I began asking my dr about my severe fatigue. I told him that I needed at least 10 hours of sleep a night or I couldn't wake up and that even then I was sleepy all the time. He chalked it up to my weight. Or he thought I was actually getting too much sleep and that was making me groggy. I accepted that.

All this seemed to coincide with the birth of my 4th child who later was diagnosed with autism. She never let me get a good night's sleep for the first 3 years. This same dr ended up putting me on anti-depressants for my excessive anxiety. Now I see a psychiatrist. He dx'd me with depression.

Then my 2nd dd was dx'd with Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) and in learning about her condition I discovered that I had all the opposite symptoms. So I had tests and sure enough I had Hoshimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroidism). This could explain some of my fatigue. But even when my thyroid numbers looked right I still had the fatigue. I sought more comprehensive treatment from an endocrinologist that determined that Synthroid alone did me no good since my T3 levels didn't go up with it. He prescribed Armour Thyroid, which seemed to improve my fatigue situation. (Now I can't get that anymore so they've upped my synthroid through the roof. The fatigue has gotten worse again.)

A year ago I got what seemed to be Labrynthitis (an inner ear problem that causes vertigo). I was sick with that for 6 months nearly constantly. I barely functioned and didn't work most of the time. Plus I had this terrible brain fog. During testing for that it was discovered that I had a kind of wierd nerological thing going on with my eyes. It could've meant I had some serious terminal condition, but the ophthalmolgist determined it was just a a quirk that I may have always had. But it does seem to me that my eyes do this strange blurring thing more often now.

When the ear thing seemed to resolve I found myself more fatigued than ever. Now if I clean the kitchen I need to lie down for two days. If I go walking I'm down for the count. Now I realize I haven't made plans for anything in advance for like 4 years. The whole vertigo thing just sealed the deal I think. I work from home with no set schedule so it's very easy for me to be undisciplined. I hardly ever try to get anything done anymore. I can't focus my attention on anything.

Recently routine blood tests showed that my white blood cell count was high even though I didn't seem to have an illness. It went back to normal a few weeks later so I don't have leukemia. My lymph nodes in my neck are swollen frequently even though I don't have a cold or anything. And I have these sore throats that come and go.

I used to think that all my fatigue could be explained by my thryoid, depression, and weight. But even when these things are controlled I'm still fatigued.

Should I ask the dr about CFS or do I just sound like a raving hypochrondriac?

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