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I m a men, i donít know about that.
What i know is that sleeping, is like an addiction.
If you stay 9 hours 10 hours in your bed, sleep so during months, then you canít stop it.
You get like addict.
over sleeping makes also fat, and is no good for the heart.

How to recover from this addiction is quite simple.
Jogging, all kind of outside sport, bike, boating, whatever, will quickly reduce your need of sleep.
7 hours is quite normal.
But also itís a question of passion leisure. Interests, meeting people.
If you like a leisure, you do it at night.
You work on it at night. You meet people that have the same passion, You have fun with them
You are motivated by your passion. programing on computer, Playing music, learning Japanese, whatever you like.
And that becomes more interesting as sleeping.

Oh sure you see what i mean.
see you

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