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[QUOTE=lala52;4185839]It all started four years ago after a bout with a virus. I never recovered. I could barely get out of bed and when i did i felt extremely week and tired. My whole body hurt as if I had a flu. Then a few months later I started with severe stomach problems. Went to the gasto doc, he took tests and said probably IBS. I was having chronic gas that has still four years later not stopped. It does go off and on though. then I went to a natural doc. and he said I had candida of the intestines which is an overgrowth of yeast. I stopped eating carbs and went on supplements. Helped only for a short time. In the meantime, I have still body aches and feelings of anxiety sometimes and I have days of feeling very lethargic. Every morning I am very stiff and very tired. It takes me hours to get out of the house. I was told by one doc. that I have fibromyalgia. I think they are all connected, Chronic fatigue, fibro, ibs, and I also I have hashimotos. I need to get better. I have been to doctor after doctor with no answers. I also have severe neck pain and numbness and tingling on the top of my head. Also sometimes chest pains. Went to the cardiologist and took tests and everything was good. I also have lower back pain and off and on constipation. Also I sometimes have a problem with balance. It is not dizzyness, it just feels like my balance is off. It feel like I am not standing on a flat surface sometimes. As if I am standing on something that is on a slant. Also, I have pain under my arms. Don't know if it is glands or lymph nodes. That is one of the symptoms of Eptein Barr, but I was tested for that and it was negative. Also I was tested for Lyme.
that was negative. I am going out of my mind. I need to work, but I cant. I feel too sick and lethargic. The list of symptoms go on but I can't remember off the top everything I have been through. I don't know whether the whole thing is all Candida related or a combination of everthing. I have done detox, I have done colonics, all different supplements, and now accupuncture for the neck pain. I even buy a special water. It is a high PH which is suppose you make you more alkaline instead of acid which is suppose to help with all diseases. Still suffering. And almost out of money. Does anybody have any answers?[/QUOTE]
I have ME i believe this is what you have to , i think you should ask your doctor about it as it is not goin to go away on its own, there is nothin to be afraid of lots of people like to tell horror stories sayin you will never get better and they are right that your life will change and times will be difficult you may have to give up activities for a while but so long as you are determined you will get better and get back to doin what ever you like, i have took time out of work and college i am now startin to do two mornings a week at a school, with out the time off i would never have been able to do this i would simply have got more sick and been wheelchair bound.
You can also look on websites that tell you the symptoms of ME this way you can see how many you match up with also it helped me to know what was the ME so i did not feel like i was making things up i thought i was just being a stressy teen but it turned out that the mood swings are a big thing with ME, also having read aload of messages on this web site i have seen that many ME sufferers are complainin of stomach pain and this is what i am having at present having been puttin off goin to the doctors due to worrying i was simply goin to be told i had yet another thing wrong with me such as ibs i am now confident it is part of the Chronic Fatigue.
I hope you find the answer to your problems and am willing to help in anyway possible. kerry :)

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