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I have been searching for an answer to my health problems that continue to get worse with each "relapse". I am hoping someone else has experienced something similar and can point me in the right direction of a diagnosis or a lifestyle plan of healing. or, perhaps a Dr or med student can offer advice.
I appreciate your input and consideration.

[B]recent tests that I have performed myself in medical lab classes show these results[/B]:
ESR of 44 mm/hr
average body temp is 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes 97.0
microscopic urinalysis w granular casts, renal epithelial and oval fat bodies
my MCV is usually high, but was fine recently after taking flic acid for prenatl

[B]other test info:[/B]
recent abdominal ultrasound came back normal (been having extreme nausea for over 1 month)
MCV has been high most times in the last 3 years
Epstein-barr titers positive for old infection (95% of the population will show positive)
positive for non-specific inflammation (esr?)


Possibly primary and secondary issues?[/B]

Spider nevi appearing on arms, trunk & face 2009
Night sweats
Difficulty concentrating
Short term memory problems
Fatigue, sometimes extreme
Myalgias (like white- hot searing pain shooting thru muscle, bone, etc. sometimes throbbing. sometimes only lasting a few seconds, some lasting mins)
Constant feeling of cold or flu coming on
Sharp pains in thyroid area of neck
Joint pain
Aversion to cold
Cold hands/feet
Shortness of breath & yawning (like something is preventing my diaphragm from expanding when occurs I usually can’t stop yawning)
Frequent headaches

Pruritis, sometimes preventing sleep or waking from sleep
Loss of hair (my hair has never been this thin!)
Sore throat & neck glands
Unexplained weight loss (2007-08)
Unexplained weight gain (40 lbs in less than 4 months in spring/summer 2008)
(L) Pectoral pain, btwn 2-3 or 3-4 ribs (not superficial, but not deep to the ribs either: a sharp, twisting pain; like something moving, twisting around btwn ribs)
Blurred vision
Slurred speech
Balance problems
Seizure (July 2008)
Joints often need to be “clicked” back in place to relieve pain
frequent short-term fevers
occasional inflammation and redness of lateral vessels of (R) eye

Other info, past injuries, surgeries & allergies:[/B]
cellulitis of entire (L) leg 2008 or 09, requiring IV antibiotics
seizures july 2008
Tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy 1986
as a child had 2 patellas in (L) knee that eventually fused
Have broken MANY bones (calcaneous, L5, wristsx2, metatarsal, pelvis avulsion fx, bilateral tibial compression fx w compartment syndrome, nose, metatarsal, phalanges, metacarpal, missing some others i think)
(L) shoulder subluxation w present weakness/tendency to slip
Strained many muscles, hip flexors most common
Compartment syndrome of posterior tibialis, bilateral
Lateral tracking of patella, bilateral
Neck pain – xray shows ligament damage
Jaw pain and clicking

[B]Allergies[/B] from severe to moderate: mold, junipers, animals, most trees, ragweed, dust mites

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