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Hello Everyone,

I'm confused and tired of feeling like crap. After an exhaustive internet search (due to the fact that most of the doctors I have seen are not telling me anything), I found this site and thought I would ask a few questions. My main problem for the past few years has been on and off sinus problems/infections. After several years of antibiotics and one surgery, I got some relief until October '09. I was seen for some chest pain and told I had a high cholesterol level (close to 300) and was put on Crestor. About a month later, the sinus problems returned, but this time with a right ear infection, complete with right side lymph node pain and inflamation. I went through this off and on (back on antibiotics), and just couldn't seem to get well. Meanwhile, I am having my blood drawn once a month to make sure the Crestor isn't trashing my liver and my WBC count is low but above normal (4.5-4.8 on average).
To make a long story short (very sorry for the rambling), I go see the a urologist who fills in for my primary when he's on vacation (because I also have prostate issues) and she tells me I'm being poisoned by the Crestor (she told me statin drugs were immunosuppresive) . My last labs in may showed my cholesterol at 121 and wbc count at 4.7 and she said that both were too low. Interestingly enough, 3 days after I quit taking the Crestor my ear pain, ringing in the ears, and right side lymph inflamation ceased. It's been two weeks since I stopped the Crestor and today my right side of my neck is back to being painful and swollen--it comes and goes. I had my blood drawn today and my wbc count is 4.8 and my mpv remains high (it has been since Oct. '09) and my calcuim and phos are low. I'm on a multivitamin, a B12 supplement, probiotics, Vitamin D (because my level was 19 and norm is 30-100), and my cholesterol is back up to 188. I have a medical background and am wondering if I have CFS, since 5 out of 7 days I am very tired by 3pm, although I have a terrible sleep disorder due to PTSD and the fact that I cannot sleep through the night (my mind races and usually have trouble falling asleep also). I have on and off burning pains in my thighs, and am achy on and off throughout the day on my low back, neck, hips and shoulders. I have a minor TMJ which started by dislocating my jaw last year yawning! The pain in my right ear often radiates to the TM joint. I have seen an ENT who looked at me like I was nuts when I told him I had pressure in my right ear; my GP is a great doc but does not seem concerned with my lab values. I have a lower body temp than I can remember also (avg. 97.7) even though I feel hot. My GP tested me for allergies and I have NONE, but every time the weather changes, so does my ear and sinuses. I know I have non-allerigic rihnnitus (sp?) but I am confused on everything else. I do worry a lot and have a stressful job, and I have read that stress can be a real force on your body. Other than that, I workout and have a healthy weight for my build, and eat pretty healthy. Again, I'm sorry for the long post; I just tired of not feeling well.

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