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May 13, 2010
I recently found the boards and am hoping that someone may have some advice. I was diagnosed with Active Chronic Epstein Barr in 2006 and it causes chronic fatigue. Not much is known about EBV especially in my case where it has attacked my nervous system which happens in less then 1% of cases. In the past week I can barely stay awake and my lymph nodes are all swollen and causing pain. I have tried to find a physician in my area (I moved to central Michigan several months ago) but have gotten no where. I spent the last year learning to use my diet and sleep schedule to improve my health and how I feel but this last week it has been useless. I eat a lot of carbs, high protein, a lot of juices, low to no sugar, no processed foods...

My current symptoms include massively swollen tonsils, exhaustion, swollen lymphs (neck, arm pits and chest), swollen adenoids, lack of fine motor skills, fuzzy head (like my head is in a cloud), I'm stuttering and pain. I have never really had much pain before but right now my head, mouth, throat, neck, shoulder blades, lower back...all are extremely painful. My friends say that I am pale and my eyes are sunken and dull.

What specialists have been helpful? Have you had any medication that was helpful? Does anyone have any advice? I am at the point of going to the ER but I am worried the same thing will happen as before. I was dehydrated and needed and IV but because of how I look when I get sick they treat me like a druggie. I know that I look like a crack addict. (Thin - 5'2" 110lbs, pale, sunken eyes, confused at times) They treat me like that when I didn't have pain so what are they going to do now that I do have pain?

My apologies for this being long and thank you for any help, support or advice that you may have.


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