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Yes! After years of struggling I was finally diagnosed with celiac (coeliac) disease a few months ago. I am finally starting to feel better. (Chronic fatigue & ME were just one of the many diagnosis I'd been given.)

Apparently it is very common for celiacs to be told they have chronic fatigue. :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

This is so interesting - have just posted a question about chronic fatique and sure enough I think I have a wheat/gluten intolerance - to hear that the two could be connected may really help me with what to investigate next. I largely manage my wheat intolerance (never had any help from dr's with this btw - just a conclusion I have come to myself!) myself by eating wheat free foods but this is no longer working so possibly it could be part of a bigger picture ie: coeliac disease? I'd be really interested to know how you got tested and diagnosed with coeliac disease?

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