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:confused:Does anyone know a diagnostic center or doctor in or around the Central Coast of California?

Been to all the quacks for 10 years plus with fibro and chronic fatigue and now worsening symptoms - crons like - and neurological and nausea and skin rashes - it is getting nuts. My wife suffers daily. Painfully and it is getting worse. All I get is run more inconclusive test (all the CBP and thyroid studies, all the rhume stuff, the rashes look like psoriasis but come back negative, she is developing neurological disorders - numbness, twitches, and I don't buy it is all diet - she had the lowest vitamin D reading my doctor had ever seen but it is as though her body doesn't absorb any nutrition - her body is hoarding everything - as if she is starving - I am so fed up with masking drugs - the gambit of heavy pain killers - the phony relief of these drugs while easing some pain - has done nothing to make it go away and I think made her condition worse - because you start to think you can live that way and no one seems to tie multiple symptoms together...we're think Standford but heard of Holtorf Clinic - but heard it is just like an earlier scam we went through where the quack was sure that his proprietary blend of progesterone rectally delivered would make all the problems go away - I can't believe the desperation that led us to that and the crazy hormonal imbalances it created that took more to work out...synthroid been there done that - and off it with a fully functioning RA or anything like does anyone know of anyone who actually does real differential and studies until you have a solution...HELP!

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