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I have been suffering for 5 yrs with all kinds of symptoms similar to fm/cfs. Started with a virus that i never totally recovered from. I have a million symptoms have been to a million drs and have taken a million tests. LOl. I am sick all the time. Nobody has any answers. What are you doing to make yourself feel better. I have also seen many holistic drs and have been on many different nautural supplements. Nothing helps. Below is a list of as many symptoms that i can think of off the top

1. off balance feeling
2. a odd feeling/sound in left ear.
3. Tingling on top of head.
4. Pain on skull bones when touched.
5. Neck/shoulder pain/back pain.
6. Sometimes shortness of breath/hard to catch that cleansing breath.
7. Sometimes a running type feeling in the nose almost like i have a cold.
8. Occasional low grade fever.
9. Overall feeling of sickness
10. Sometimes no energy
11. Sometimes legs and arms feel very heavy
12. Nausea/indigestion/heartburn
13. Chronic gas/constipation. Once in a while i will have an episode of diarrhea.
14. Pain on side of knees when i go on treadmill.
15. Bone pain on corner of elbows.
16. Sometimes top of feel feel sore
17. Very restless sleep
18. Poor memory
19. Chemical sensitivity.
20. One fingernail has an infection
21. Depression because of all of the above.

How can one function this way. Every day i suffer in some way. No drs have any answers. I don't fit the classic fm because the trigger points don't hurt on the touch. They are areas of discomfort but not necessarily when poked. I don't fit the classic cfs because i don't sleep endlessly. So i don't know if i have those two conditions or i have a lingering virus in my body or a lingering infection. I feel like i have a weakened immune symptom also. Last year i was sick four times with bad colds and ear infection once and swollen glands etc. This year i already had bronchitis. I went crazy this year with my Thanksgiving dinner. I was in the kitchen for two days cooking and running around shopping before that to buy all the ingredients i needed. I was exhausted for the next two days and felt very very run down. No energy. Just this feeling of ill. I am at a loss. Feel sick every minute of my life. This has ruined my life. I was normal before this. If anyone has any answers i would love to hear it. I do have hashimoto's thryoid disease. That is one definite condition. Hope everybody is getting answers and is feeling better. LaLa

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