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Thank you both for your responses.
Jenj770, having a herx sounds like what is happening to me - i really feel that the immune tablets are hurting but helping in some way, and as the week has gone on I have definitely had more energy, been able to do more that I haven't to date. I only took a couple of tablets and the reaction has died down now. I go into hospital today for an unrelated reason. Once I am out I'll take it slowly and continue to take them maybe once every couple of days to start with. I have also been very constipated and I think I need to sort that out as I'll not be helping the toxins from getting out of my body.

Sensitivo, I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering from chronic fatigue for so long, and I bet after that long you've tried everything. I did wonder if I was having an over-immune reaction but my GP gave me steroids to suppress the immune system, I just got really tired and saw no change. That possibly doesn't mean anything. I had a stye in my eye recently that has gone on for ages and I never normally get them. It also affected my sinus and throat with the discharge of pus, I took that as a sign that my immunity was lower although who knows. Is there a way to tell if your immunity is high or low?

Whatever, I feel I'm getting good results with resting a lot (I think this is the first time in my life I've rested), eating very healthily, and taking time. It's a bit different pace of life to get used to but essential I think!

I always used to push myself so much even when I was ill, and just kept going, not resting, thinking it was a sign of weakness to rest! I should have realised long ago that the regularity I would get a cold should have indicated a poor immune system. I feel like a light has been turned on that good health isn't something to take for granted, in fact it's something to be worked at and thankful for.

Thanks again, and hope you are both doing well

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