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Anyone on ritalin
Jan 3, 2011
hello: i am new to the board, but not cfids. i was diagnosed by dr. paul cheney at his cfids clinic in charlotte, nc. in 1993. i had already been sick for 3 yrs. i am going thru a very bad period right now. my family doctor agreed to put me on provigil 200mg. i went off due to the side affects i was having, severe backaches, headaches, much more severe than the ones i was all ready having, plus other reactions. and it did nothing for the fatigue.

now i am taking ritalin 20mg 2xs a day, no side effects, but no real improvement with Th fatigue. i also take b-12 injections (5000mg) 3xs a week, thyroid, hormones, and thyroid meds.

i never discuss my illness, because of the skeptics, who think we are nothing more than a bunch of depressed hypochondriacs. i doctor wrote that this is this is the loneliness illness to have, after over 20 yrs. it is still not widely accepted, and ridiculed.

well, the real reason i am writing, and whining is hope to hear about your experiences about ritalin and what is a good dosage for cfids.

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