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Ok, so long story short I've had symptoms consistent with CFS for over 6 years. My symptoms worsened significantly 3 years ago when I reluctantly took doctor's advice and started exercising in the morning before work. I kept up this exercise routine for 3 months, during which time I went from 11 stone (154lbs) to 10 stone (140lbs). I also felt cold all the time (not just feet, whole body), very little strength in my legs, more sluggish, weaker voice and so on...So thanks doctor, eh!

Anyway, I remained in this state for 2 years of what can only be described as living hell. I might add that I was working full-time (in a warehouse) for all this time. I kept working because I was now so bad that I was in permanent discomfort all of the time, whether active or at rest. So I decided that I would work and be in pain rather than be unemployed and feeling cold all the time (the worse of the two evils).

So 8 months ago I decided to start exercising before going to bed, since my exercise tolerance increases as the day goes on. Exercise consists of short 15 yard sprints in my back garden (type of exercise could be significant but I'm not sure). As the day goes on I get more and more tired and my body gets warmer. As a result of this exercise regime I am now back at 11 stone, feel much brighter and more alert, stronger voice, stronger legs etc. Every symptom has pretty much been eliminated apart from the coldness but I am hoping that will eventually go as well.

My story wasn't so short after all but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. My symptoms were as follows:
Brain fog (sluggish)
Weak voice (airy, breathy sound)
Alcohol intolerance
Exercise intolerance (that' a given)
Sleepy during the day (also a given)
Muscle pain and stiffness (legs and back)
Cold and heat intolerance
Weight loss - despite eating the same amount

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